autumn of life (troiku)

[…] “Last evening I was looking out from my balcony and saw a sparrow perch on a branch. All of a sudden, with a quick jerk, she ruffles her feathers and spreads out her wings – her bodyline on an upward curve, about to take off.” […] Kala Ramesh

fallen leaf


clouds make way
end of a long quest
heaven opens up

clouds make way
sparrow takes flight
first fallen leaf

end of a long quest
scent of Givenchy
still lingers

heaven opens up
scent of Givenchy
an angel awaits

©Tournesol <16/08/19

4 thoughts on “autumn of life (troiku)

    • Thanks so much, Janice. I feel like I have been disconnected for so long writing…such great poetry I am catching up reading from all of you…my goodness so much talent here. Happy weekend!! My grandson is coming over for the weekend…he is helping me wash my floors…what a guy!!


      • Oh, that will be fun! We just finished our week with the grands. Kept us busy and ready for bed by evening. I understand about the disconnect. Several of the CDHK have been experiencing some life changes that have precluded writing. good to see Jen back. Hope Bastet is able to begin contributing again.

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