courting days (troiku)

© OliG'15 (Gaspé - marguerite)

© OliG’15 (Gaspé – marguerite)

hands her a daisy,
blushing, she thanks him,
Oh those courting days!

hands her a daisy,
heart fills with hope
their first kiss…

blushing, she thanks him
roaming the field – leans closer,
her hand feels so soft

Oh those courting days!
arm slides round her tiny waist
head on his shoulder


16 thoughts on “courting days (troiku)

  1. Gene is on a road trip by himself with my sisters and I gather to celebrate the oldest sister’s 80th birthday. Gene will be all mushy when he gets back home.

    old folks courting
    walking down a familiar lane
    very slowly


    • Beautitiful, Janice. Reading this I see the image in the middle of the cobblestone street in Old Montréal, Gene’s arms wrapped around you:) Did you get all the photos I took?


    • Yeah, that song was out when I was too young to date yet but I found that era was more romantic…still love to listen to those tunes. Patty Page sings it as well …I used to lipsing her songs:)


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