whispering autumn (haibun)

First day of autumn and she wondered if we would get relief from the heatwave.  It was so unusual for this part of the country.  Well, just on schedule, the temperature dipped just a little but enough to wear a hoodie…well, others did. It took her a lot cooler weather to warrant a sweater.  But she did bring it in her backpack and she shoved her rain hat and trench coat just in case it did rain later after her shift late into the night.

Aw, autumn did not disappoint for sure…leaving work, she had her hoodie zipped up nice and snug and once outside, she had to take out the rainwear.  She loves walking in the rain.  No need for an umbrella…her hands are in her pocket with the hood of her trench coat keeping her nice and dry as she walked the 2 km to the Métro.



soft breeze
autumn’s here


September 22, First Day of Autumn – 30 days of Haiga at 19Planets Art Blog

Daily Moments – whispering breeze (haiga)

6 thoughts on “whispering autumn (haibun)

    • Thanks so much, Suzanne. It is a first attempt on the drawing but it was fun. Yes, well it dipped to 14C today but the sun is still nice and warm. I could live with weather between 10 to 18C so I guess spring and fall are my seasons as I age.


    • It is cooler…a few weeks ago, it was till quite warm and there was a soft gentle rain walking home from the bus. I didn’t even bother to put my raincoat on…it felt so refreshing! However to garden in the rain in this part, the soil is so heavy and clay like, when it is wet it gets difficult to work with.


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