Daily Moments – giggling leaves (Troiku) October 30, 2016




crackling  leaves
like children on the playground
spreading their joy

crackling leaves
crunching beneath my feet
singing their goodbyes

like children on the playground
autumn wind
whistling through the leaves

spreading their joy
naked branches welcoming
long awaited sleep


Daily Moments – giggling leaves  (Troiku) October 30, 2016

We are inspired by the beautiful words of Kala Ramesh at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai:

seeing the whole
blossom contained
in a seed
I look up to the sky
with all the stars

illusions ride
on a fast fading rainbow
somewhere there
I let go of my childhood…
I must have
© Kala Ramesh

I’ve written a Troiku inspired both by Ramesh’s words and the photo below.  To know more how to write a troiku which is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille, check on his website here Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

last rites (haibun) daily moments October 29/16

The colours will soon disappear and I look around at the maple leaves on the ground; some are red, yellow and amber. Walking through the thicket I try to slow my pace and take in the little green that is left and the grounds are muddy now and leaves are turning to mush. Still, I hope the Great Spirit will not wash it all away before its time. Last week we had five days of rain and this is day two of the five days foretasted again. Wind and rain seem to be the enemy in mid autumn for we are robbed of those last days of colour and beauty. In spring wind and rain turn into our gifts to clean the land and make space for new blossoms. I suppose there is a time for everything…this is the unsavoury part of loss, endings.

season’s rituals
Mother Earth goes to sleep
cleansing rites

Daily Moments – October 26, 2016 November gloom looms (troiku)

bouncy toddlers
soon approaching vapid days
adjoining nature

bouncy toddlers
a squirrel stops in hope for treats
giggles echo

soon approaching vapid days
darkness looms late afternoons
ghosts with skinny arms

adjoining nature
hunter spots from his hideout
doe eyes pleading

(c) Tournesol’16-10-26

Written for Three Word Wednesday :Vapid, bouncy, adjoining

Daily Moments – October 26, 2016  November gloom looms (troiku)

weather shifts (troiku & senyru)

Photo credits: Rick Clampini'16

Photo credits: Rick Clampini’16

temperatures shift
sitting on a bed leaves
first snowflakes

temperatures shift
wind blowing fiercely
scarf on a branch

sitting on a bed of leaves
jack-o-lantern treat
squirrel prefers tricks

first snowflakes
flutter ever softly
on running noses


autumn weather shifts
laying on leafed bedding
snowflakes on their tongues


Written for Haiku Horizons “shift”

Daily Moments October 24, 2016 Weather shifts

broken (haibun)




waning moon
like broken souls of broods
kiss the darkness
daunting clouds still hover
robbing them of their youth

Walking home with heavy heart she thinks of her long shift. So much suffering, such turmoil, youths turning 14 going on 40…all the tears and moans linger in her heart.

(c) Tournesol’16

Daily Moments October 20  2016  Broken

hunting the moon (haibun)


Leaving work flirting midnight, she looked up at the sky and began her pursuit.  The sky illuminated at times showing off its teal blue and then she noticed patches of white and grey.  On she went aiming for the perfect spot…

(c) Clr'16

(c) Clr’16

weaving through
over and under
rain clouds
preying through black forests
chasing the glow

(c) Tournesol’16

Daily Moments October 19  2016  Hunting the moon