Daily Moments November 10, 2016 speechless

Walking home she lifted her eyes towards the sky and sighed. The beauty of that moon gave her energy despite the end of a long evening at work. She stopped, admiring this cosmic show and wished she could capture just once, with a photo. “Aw”, she said, “at least I have this imprinted in my memory. Perhaps if I write about it, whenever I want to be reminded of celestial beauty, the words may bring me back to this moment.” Just before walking into her home, she took one last look …

weaving through stray billows
 moon and I


Daily Moments November 10, 2016 speechless


8 thoughts on “Daily Moments November 10, 2016 speechless

  1. When I saw this post I thought ” I bet this is going to be about the same picture I just saw on Instagram. ” And it was! I will use it in the next newsletter. Both the poem and the photo are wonderful.


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