Daily Moments reflections (haibun) November 18 2016


November has been more palpable than former years.  Once we passed a few weeks of rain, one gets the feeling that life is still hanging on.  There are the odd trees with colourful leaves hanging proudly on their branches.  It is almost as if nature is making a statement but it is difficult to interpret the meaning.

The other day I noticed one tree on my way to work with half of the right side full of yellow leaves and the other half completely bare. I smiled as I passed by the tree and wondered how the wind and the rain worked in tandem to catch ONLY one side of the tree.  “Nature works in mysterious ways sometimes”, I thought to myself, shaking my head.

Yes, November seems less dark.  Last week I looked out the window from my desk at work and I catch a glimpse of such beauty.  No time to get to the rooftop for I may miss those warm colours.  Yesterday, I saw this huge ball of fire dipping and the few seconds it took for me to aim my phone to that glorious scene, the sun had almost slipped completely below the horizon!

How blessed I feel, sitting at my desk, watching the Great Spirit paints different shades with each brush stroke on His canvas.  And despite listening to the struggles of youths on the phone, I am relieved we can give them a bit of hope and  I feel  the presence of something very powerful as I look out the window.

I am thinking of the approaching days and the anniversary of my mother’s death As we approach this date, December 2nd, I feel myself slowly replaying that night by her side … her last moments here. I cannot help but wonder if it is because it is my mother.  It is just as I replay the birth of my children the day before their birthdays even 30+ years later;  I find myself also replaying the end of life with my mother.  How blessed I was to be by her side.

ashen waves
sentimental currents
whispering despair
wind driving clouds away
making way for sunshine

I love remembering times with my mother and talking about her with my children. They too have fond memories of her. Every time they smile and laugh at how funny she was. She was a bit like Lucille Ball only she was not acting!



missing you
my new role in life
as an orphan
remembering you
showers of sweet blessings


Daily Moments reflections (haibun) November 18 2016

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