promise (troiku)

tackling disappointments
empty promises

my refuge

tackling disappointments
crushing spirits
but, for a moment

empty promises
lost in the wind


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai – Promises inspired by the music

Troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe diem Haiku Kai

daily moments – dancing (haibun) december 27 2016

I did not realize they had R & B in the 13th century when Rumi said, “Dancing is not just getting up painlessly, like a leaf blown on the wind; dancing is when you tear your heart out and rise out of your body to hang suspended between the worlds.”

Is that an out of body experience? When the music touches your soul and allows you to forget any body movements or awkwardness that is when you are totally connected to the music as it was intended by the composer.

Years ago, I went to a blues club and listened to this live band. The music was so good, I could not help but get up from my table and start moving to the music. My date was a bit uncomfortable but wanted to be a gentleman and not let me dance alone since there was no dance floor at this place. So he started dancing with me. At the break, the singer of the band came to sit with us. He looked at me and said point blank, “You are not from Toronto” which was where this club was. He said it was the nicest compliment to musicians when people cannot help but get up and dance to the music they are playing. I had not been out to bars much but the few places I had been in Montreal and our Jazz festival with music in the street…people just dance when the music moves them.

I remember another time my partner at the time told me when I was dancing to soul music, that he felt I was in another world, “It’s as if you don’t even know that I`m here.”  He appeared disappointed that the music took hold of me and away from him. Unfortunately, I don’t think he actually “heard” the same music I did.

Listening to good music especially R & B and just sitting down to listen feels so constricted…almost like we are being punished by teasing us with the melodies and we are confined to our seats. It is like having an itch and you are not allowed to scratch it. What do you do when you hear music that truly moves you?

eyes closed
swaying to the beat
out of body
dancing freely like a child
the spirit moves


Daily Moments – dancing (haibun)

blossoms (troiku)

Christmas cactus
blossoming just in time
a child is born

Christmas cactus
boasting with such pride
in living colour

blossoming just in time
hark the angels sing
magi bearing gifts

a child is born
Mother’s face aglow
comfort and joy


Waritten for: Haiku Horizons: joy

A troiku is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille of Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

Christmas groceries (haibun)

He knew his old jalopy was on its last leg. If only he could make it to the grocery store one last time. He had a few heavy items he needed to stock up on, like cat litter, a few litres of juice, cans of soup, cranberries, potatoes, yams and a huge turkey for Christmas dinner. The light turned green and he moved across the intersection slowly…

crossing the street
that clunker finally died
he smiled bashfully
cars honked impatiently
others looked with apathy


Three word Wednesday: Apathy, Clunker, Bashful

you make a difference (troiku)

Sometimes you just have to tell someone how important they are to you…this is what I did today to my colleague/friend, Vanessa.


You Make A Difference

did you know?
you make a difference
in our workplace

did you know?
your laugh is contagious
make us all smile

you make a difference
never ever doubt
you have a gift

in our workplace
life would be totally boring
without you.


Daily Moments – You make a difference – December 21  2016

This is a Troiku which is a new form of haiku created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

50 shades of snow (troibun – haibun)

first snowfall
awakening her inner child
snow kissed cheeks

Yet snow has many phases and qualities that can be fun and sometimes not so fun. Like wet sticky snow may be heavy for shoveling but such a joy for children.

pounding and rolling
sculpting with a mission
first snow man

pounding and rolling
lining up a whole bunch
snowball fight

sculpting with a mission
carving a few huge blocks
home in her snow fort

first snow man
always wishes for the cold
keeping him safe

Stepping onto virgin snow is always a special feeling and depending on the temperature the textures change.

mild wintry walk
snow falling ever so lightly
like fairy dust

Dipping just a few degrees can make winter feel so magical and fun…

snow showers
soft and plentiful
like down filled bedding
spreading limbs luxuriously
making perfect snow angels

Ah, but as the thermometer dipped much lower last week, she had to wear her down filled coat, ski mask and pilot hat with the ears down as well as snow pants and her down filled mittens the snow adds a new element for having been on the ground awhile. It forms a crust invisible to the eye but not to the ears…

footprints forming waves
weaving with her winter boots
light of the full moon
sounds echo with each step
shadow keeps her company


rings a bell (troibun)


It’s that time of year again. How it comes around so fast some people think.  There is barely enough time to get ready for the holidays.  And yet, the empty bellies and aching souls live in a world where time crawls like a cunning snake, preying sufferers will just give up.


man in a red suit
rings a bell for offerings
holding a glass bowl

man in a red suit
folks don’t notice a beggar
holding out his cup

rings a bell for offerings
filling bellies at Christmas
‘tis the season

holds a big glass bowl
in hopes for silent gifts
not the clink of coins


The Prompt at Ronovan Writes Haiku is Bells and Ring although, my  reflections came up with Bell and Rings.

A Troiku is a new Haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai