rings a bell (troibun)


It’s that time of year again. How it comes around so fast some people think.  There is barely enough time to get ready for the holidays.  And yet, the empty bellies and aching souls live in a world where time crawls like a cunning snake, preying sufferers will just give up.


man in a red suit
rings a bell for offerings
holding a glass bowl

man in a red suit
folks don’t notice a beggar
holding out his cup

rings a bell for offerings
filling bellies at Christmas
‘tis the season

holds a big glass bowl
in hopes for silent gifts
not the clink of coins


The Prompt at Ronovan Writes Haiku is Bells and Ring although, my  reflections came up with Bell and Rings.

A Troiku is a new Haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

2 thoughts on “rings a bell (troibun)

    • Thanks. It is difficult not to here clink of coins here in Canada since paper starts at $5 (smiles) so loonies ($1) and toonies ($2) are quite common. Yet at this time of year it is nice to NOT hear the clink 😉


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