50 shades of snow (troibun – haibun)

first snowfall
awakening her inner child
snow kissed cheeks

Yet snow has many phases and qualities that can be fun and sometimes not so fun. Like wet sticky snow may be heavy for shoveling but such a joy for children.

pounding and rolling
sculpting with a mission
first snow man

pounding and rolling
lining up a whole bunch
snowball fight

sculpting with a mission
carving a few huge blocks
home in her snow fort

first snow man
always wishes for the cold
keeping him safe

Stepping onto virgin snow is always a special feeling and depending on the temperature the textures change.

mild wintry walk
snow falling ever so lightly
like fairy dust

Dipping just a few degrees can make winter feel so magical and fun…

snow showers
soft and plentiful
like down filled bedding
spreading limbs luxuriously
making perfect snow angels

Ah, but as the thermometer dipped much lower last week, she had to wear her down filled coat, ski mask and pilot hat with the ears down as well as snow pants and her down filled mittens the snow adds a new element for having been on the ground awhile. It forms a crust invisible to the eye but not to the ears…

footprints forming waves
weaving with her winter boots
light of the full moon
sounds echo with each step
shadow keeps her company


4 thoughts on “50 shades of snow (troibun – haibun)”

    1. thanks and tonight walking home I wanted to take some photos of “patent leather” snow when the snow and rain pour over snow…it shines like patent leather:)


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