Christmas groceries (haibun)

He knew his old jalopy was on its last leg. If only he could make it to the grocery store one last time. He had a few heavy items he needed to stock up on, like cat litter, a few litres of juice, cans of soup, cranberries, potatoes, yams and a huge turkey for Christmas dinner. The light turned green and he moved across the intersection slowly…

crossing the street
that clunker finally died
he smiled bashfully
cars honked impatiently
others looked with apathy


Three word Wednesday: Apathy, Clunker, Bashful

12 thoughts on “Christmas groceries (haibun)”

    1. Thank you, Hank. Mine died in the middle of the bridge on my way to Montreal…all I heard was the screeching of cars behind me; I was so lucky I did not cause an accident.


  1. My beloved old ’62 Volkswagen bug died in the left lane of a busy street during rush hour. I can relate to the old man’s plight, many people honked, most just drove on by in the other two lanes, and no person stopped to help. Thank goodness that particular car weighed next to nothing……miss that car 🙂


    1. Wow, that is so sad. When my car died in the middle of the bridge, cars stopped behind me then just passed me and I waited for the police to come and they sent me a tow truck.

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      1. That’s not a good place to get stuck either. The only people who stopped to help me were these two smarmy looking guys…I told them a friend was on their way…..super creepy.

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