the ear sees (haibun)

An interesting exercise Petrus gives to Paulo especially when he makes him close his eyes to listen to him tell a story. Not for a moment can he open his eyes and he can smell the oil from the old locomotive where they are sitting…and he listens.

When I think of listening, I cannot help but be reminded of the work I do. Seventeen years ago, I would strain my ears to listen to a caller tell his story. The strain was not to hear the words, it was the body language I was used to that now I had to learn to hear it through the phone. Within months, my hearing became sharper and grew a lense to see. I could hear the frown and sadness at the beginning of a phone call and after a long time…minutes or hours, I could hear an image of this person who had transformed at the end of the call.

tears echo
soft whimpering
telling a tale

telling a tale
a story long overdue
that slow release
as she says goodnight
I can hear a smile


CDHK – Listening – The Pilgrimage

disturbing leader (troiku)

what’s his name (troiku)

disturbing leader
frightened neighbours
flooded with worry

disturbing leader
filled with to0 much
of himself

frightened neighbours
strategizing as we speak
the world is watching

flooded with worry
bullies aren’t supposed to win
when will he be stopped?


Haiku Horizons: Flood

imagine the paths in life – daily moments


on different paths
travellers worldwide
one destination

on different paths
straight, winding or perilous
meet at one crossroad

travellers worldwide
speaking in different tongues
hold the same map

one destination
everyone will soon arrive
in their own time


Daily Moments – Reflections on spiritual journeys – January 29 2017

CDHK On the road to Santiago

a moment in time (tanka)

I love this section of the book where Paulo Coelho not only describes the picturesque scene in the mountain but all the activity, a shepherd, the sheep and the old castle.
I remember reading where Petrus tells Paulo, The House of the Lord has many mansions and it goes on to elaborate the Knights Templar towards the turn of the fourteenth century believed in putting a stop to the fight and division of the three religions of that time, Islam, Christianity and Judaism. When I read this I was not surprised these knights were arrested under false pretenses for the world (King and Pope) were certainly not ready to accept such a great idea…way too threatening. And yet, eight centuries later and we are still far from that utopic idea. Greed, vengeance and entitlement get muddled in the mix. A recent unnamed leader has fallen from the path.

{…}“Their spiritual devotion, in turn, had allowed the Knights Templar to understand the great truth that Petrus had quoted the night before: that the house of the Lord has many mansions. They sought to put an end to religious conflict and to unite the main monotheistic religions of the time: Christian, Jewish, and Islamic. Their chapels were built with the rounded cupola of the Judaic temples of Solomon, the octagonal walls of the Arab mosques, and the naves that were typical of Christian churches.”{…} (Source: The Pilgrimage, Paulo Coelho)

This is the scene our host has given to us for inspiration:

[…] “We arrived one afternoon at the ruins of an old castle of the Order of the Knights Templar. We sat down to rest, and while Petrus smoked his usual cigarette, I drank a bit of the wine leftover from lunch. I studied the view that surrounded us: a few peasant houses, the tower of the castle, the undulating fields ready for sowing. To my right appeared a shepherd, guiding his flock past the walls of the castle, bound for home. The sky was red, and the dust raised by the animals blurred the view, making it look like a dream or a magic vision. The shepherd waved to us, and we waved back. The sheep passed in front of us and continued down the road. …. It was an impressive scene … “ […] (Source: The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho)

on the road
life plays out in a blur
past to present
beauty in the making
a promising future

I think Petrus believed eventually there is hope for a future of peace in a world accepting the Lord’s many mansions. I would like to think that too, if only, for the purpose of this exercise.


CDHK – The Pilgrimage – that moment


Poets unite (troiku)

In this section of the book, The Pilgrimage, Paulo tells us about the crimes and robberies committed along The Road to Santiago. Knights began protecting travellers but there was a time the knights competed among themselves. They would challenge each other and do the fighting on a bridge to ensure they did not retreat.
However, I like the last comment by our host, Chèvrefeuille, as it reflects so much of his selfless dedication to hosting haiku meme where poets from all over the world unite and form a family.


“Bridges … bring people from different sides together, in a way our Haiku Kai can be compared with a bridge. Here we come together, haiku poets from all over the globe … we have build virtual bridges from a lot of countries to here … and I am proud of it.” Chèvrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai


poets unite
all faiths, cultures and language
under one form

poets unite
under one master
perfecting waka

all faiths, cultures and language
capturing a moment
in nature

under one form
searching  a season word
five seven five


CDHK – The Pilgrimage – The Bridge

Troiku is a new Haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille.

mind over matter (troibun)

Our host, Chèvrefeuille from Carpe Diem Haiku Kai shares a passage from The Pilgrimage for this prompt “Beyond Control”:

Beyond control … that’s the title of this episode …. And it refers to something I read in “The Pilgrimage”. During his journey, his pilgrimage, Paulo encounters several difficulties beyond control. One day he is attacked by a horrible dog and he remains with wounded hands. That same dog encounters him many times and one day he goes to a gypsy fortuneteller to ask her why this dog is so many times on his path. It turns out that this dog is his demon, his back-pack, he still has to carry. That dog will leave him alone only when he conquers his fears, his pride, his greed and more. CDHK: Beyond Control


Life has been strained lately. Thank goodness, her passion for her work in serving is still alive and well. However, day to day life is tainted with should’s and should nots at so many levels; it feels like walking in a maze where only rats seem to know there way around. She tries not to bump into any toxic pillars in her daily life.

And so, she decides to imagine herself an innocent caterpillar on a tree branch trying to rest peacefully until a flock of crows decide to have a cawing party in her tree! It is getting fairly loud listening to them try to out caw each other. She is trying very hard to blend with the colours of the branch so she is not part of their party snacks. She is feeling a bit too exposed yet nowhere to go.

caterpillar halts
powerless and trapped
fear prevails

She then decides to fight the good fight and confront her fears. Her sword is laughter that turns later to beauty. She shares humorous scenarios with some friends and together their laughter breaks down the power of her fears. No longer feeling threatened, she retreats into her own world of beauty.

© Clr'15

© Clr’17


caterpillar crawls
dreaming of butterflies
suckling sweet nectar

caterpillar crawls
pausing with anticipation

dreaming of butterflies
all living things imagine
patient blossoms

suckling sweet nectar
taking pleasure
a hummingbird too


Daily Moments – thoughts and reflections on fear

A troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille from CDHK. To learn more, click here.

moment of grace (haibun)

the dreamer
never dreaming
to live a dream
leaving everyone else
behind in the future

long meadow
is too short to hold
the emptiness
of leaving a family
longing for their faces

high in the mountains
suspended over the valley
even spirits
smoothing the paths
toe to heel, toe to heel

ocean breezes
a coolness blowing inland
my message
meets hers mid-air
the tie that binds

© Jane Reichhold (taken from: She Alone)

Jane’s book “She Alone” describes a trip her daughter, Heidi, made into the Sierra Mountains. Between the stories Jane created tanka like the ones above.

Here is my haibun inspired by her masterpiece.


They decided to go on a hike up Owl’s Head . She knew her daughter was not an athletic type. But one thing they both had in common, appreciating the clean air of the forest. It would just be a bit more tiresome to savour it on the mountain…was it all worth it, she wondered, hearing her daughter grumble?

panting up the slope
soft breeze whistles
through the trees
awestruck suddenly
a doe freezes on their trail

tender moment
between mother and daughter
holding their gaze
would have been redundant

presence of Abenaki spirit
circling at the peak
brush of white feathers
snowy owl flaps its wings



summertime (haibun)


They felt like lovers again for twenty four hours. The children were at their Nanny’s and so they took advantage of the sunny day with that steady breeze from the South. Sailing in the morning was heaven. The breeze picked up in the afternoon, so they suited up with their trapeze harnesses for an afternoon of pure exciting bliss. They had smeared their bodies with sun block but she ran into a surprise that evening.

sailing rendezvous
babe swaddled in her harness
sun kissed face
painfully learns the hard way
her lips were on fire!

It was only then, she discovered Zinc clear sunscreen SPF 50 for lips was the wise choice for sailors and lifeguards.  They still went to Old Montreal for a late night dinner, walking on the cobblestone streets and when the fire started to be unmanageable, he searched among pharmacies to give her relief.

cooling her lips
serves her ice chips all night long
warming her heart

© Tournesol’17/01/26

Carpe Diem #1132 ‘The wrong answer will indicate the right one.’ (Petrus)

I was going to share Kiss of Fire by Louis Armstrong, but I discovered this singer last week and Summertime seems appropriate for this haibun.  I hope you will enjoy Andrea Motis as much as I do