touched (haibun)

among the bustle
trains, cars and buses
a beggar sits
a gift touches his cup
graced with silence

graced with silence
the eyes speak
a spirit touched

An image swims inside her head how one can truly touch the soul of a human being and they can respond silently with their eyes. Her heart is warm and filled with love. Do you hear it…screaming in the empty silence of the traffic? Do you hear the silent praise a mother shouts when her child comes home from school? Do you hear the echoes of refugees waiting in silent patience, the pain that touches us not enough?

in silence
meditating upon our sins
asking forgiveness


I had noticed two different prompts with the words Silence at Writing Wednesday and Touch at Tale Weaver at MindLovesMisery and the image was in my head but not sure if I could write this in a story form or waka. My muse finally graced me silently with the answer with the first tanka and then, I just got carried away in silent contemplation. Cheryl-Lynn R.

13 thoughts on “touched (haibun)

  1. Well I thought it was beautiful Cheryl-Lynn. I particularly how you explored touch in ways that were not necessarily physical…being able to touch the soul of another human being is a remarkable feat…..not everyone can do it and not everyone can recognise it either….you have ‘touched’ on many aspects of modern life in this piece and I thank you for contributing it to this weeks Tale Weaver….


  2. It is truly amazing how the senses interact. How sight can be touching.
    How a glance between lovers can be soothing, or how a curse can be borne by the eyes… And how blind some are to both of those types of touches.

    Thanks for stopping by my piece on the prompt…
    Hope your New Year is going well. Best to you always.


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