Dystopian nightmare (troibun) Daily Moments February 11 2017

In 2009 she moved to Montréal and the French translation of The Road by Cormac McCarthy(2006) had just come out. Her manager told her about the book, so she decided to read the original novel in English.  It stunned her how her manager kept saying how many people enjoyed this book, so she pursued.  Each chapter was still dark and depressing and by the time she finished the book all she could think was, “That was a waste of my time. I can think of many things to do to feel depressed that takes less energy.”

Now she is reading 1984, George Orwell (1949).  She never read it in school or college like many of her colleagues but perhaps the timing is right. She started reading it in December but had to stop for awhile since it was so disturbing. It reminded her a bit of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood, another novel that took months to complete…so depressing but well written.

If one looks at the news, reads articles on the internet and the election results of her neighbours in the South, it all seems to come together in a very very bad way.



The Road
the spirit dies

The road
disturbing nightmare
abuse of power

Trumped up lies
making history

the spirit dies
stripped of free thinking
in a shadow world


Daily Moments – February 11 2017 – Dystopian Nightmare

15 thoughts on “Dystopian nightmare (troibun) Daily Moments February 11 2017

  1. I found The Road utterly depressing too. What a ghastly vision. It seems to me that so many people are fixed in negative thinking and have a subconscious thought that we live in ‘end times’. They like this kind of stuff because it resonates with their deepest fears. Just some thoughts…


  2. You are right…. I liked the troiku a lot.Especially the one verse! Also since we talked about it last, I was surprised to learn that 1984 was written in 1944. I thought it was written closer to the time I read it originally. I should probably read it again.


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