Talking mirror (troiku)

© Clr’15

baby gurgles
thrilled with his new playdate
in the hall mirror

baby gurgles
looking up at Mother
mirroring her smile

thrilled with his  newplaydate
child tries to touch his face
the river splashes

in the hall mirror
mommy and daddy kissing
children giggle


Haiku Horizons: Mirror

5 thoughts on “Talking mirror (troiku)

    • I did see it, Suzanne. I have been writing very little lately…busy with my mom`s house lately and work but I saw a post on facebook this morning…will take a look.


      • Not a problem. It will probably fold anyway. Not much interest and incredibly hard to do. 🙂 Good luck with your mum’s house. I’m glad things are moving along for you.


      • Don’t get discouraged, Suzanne. When you start a prompt, you need to let go for months before you get any interests. It is the time of year many are busy outside in this neck of the woods anyway. Why not let the prompt go for 2 weeks to start. Which day of the week is it?

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      • The prompts are always open and new prompts are posted on Saturday. I am letting Spirit guide me on this one. It is true it needs time but then I have other off line projects that are requiring a lot of time. Thanks for your input.

        Liked by 1 person

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