divine embrace (haibun)

After a long hot taxi ride in heavy traffic, she arrived at the hotel. She looked at the time and knew she might miss the first line for tokens to receive Amma’s embrace (Darshan) later in the evening or night. But luck (if you believe in luck) as you have it, she walked into the dining hall and was the next in line to receive her token. She was then led to the dining room to await Amma. There were over 2,000 registered for the retreat and there would not be room to sit during Atma Puja. And so she sat at a table among other devotees looking at the screen. To know that Amma was just upstairs (for real) added to this solemn moment. The room was silent.
Everyone received blessed water and when they came around to see if anyone was missing water, she took one more for a family member who is ill.
Devi Bhava is a special program that begins with the Atma Puja ceremony for world peace. Afterwards, Amma receives guests for an embrace. She continues doing this all night into the next morning. She was planning on staying the entire night to enjoy the devotional singing and music and remain in the blessed presence of the Divine Mother. In this case, the night went on until 11a.m. the following morning.

Walking around the hotel to exercise her body for the long night, she circled around the tables where there were many articles made at Amma’s ashram for sale. She purchased a few items as well as a 30 mins massage. The latter certainly did allow her to be filled with energy during the night.
She brought along a photo of a family member and when it was her turn to kneel for her embrace, Amma looked at the photo and then straight into her eyes. No words were uttered out loud but the moment was powerful. Amma, still hanging on to the photo, embraced the woman as she wept in her arms. Afterwards, Amma looked at her with a smile and knowing look. A Mother knows!

divine embrace
after months of worry
a cloud is lifted

She realized that “faith” is required to truly recognize daily blessings from the Divine. This time she felt she truly did. This was a turning point on her journey and it felt good, she thought.

On the train ride home, 12 hours after this embrace, she received a message from a loved one …a positive start she hoped.

like all beginnings
baby steps involve falls –and,
time and patience


Inspired by the Waka prompts from On the Road posted every Friday (Australian time) or Saturday.  No order is required to follow the prompts which is a great idea to peruse through the previous meme and see if your muse is inspired.

6 thoughts on “divine embrace (haibun)”

  1. Your experience sounds very profound. Your description of the moment of realisation was very moving. The moment of release transmitted itself to me through your writing. I felt expanded through having read it. Thanks very much for responding to the prompt. I’m glad your family member’s health is improving. – Suzanne

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