On the road to the Holy Grail (haibun)

Suzanne has asked us to write about the Road to the Holy Grail, and quotes from “Reflections on the Art of Living” edited by Diane K Osbon:

“What the Holy Grail symbolizes is the highest spiritual fulfillment of a human life.  Each life has some kind of high fulfillment, and each has its own gift from the Grail…   It has to do with overcoming the same temptations that the Buddha overcame; of attachment to this, that or the other life detail that has pulled you off course…   In the Grail legends, the land of people doing what they think they ought to do or have to do is the wasteland.”

I am not sure if I have interpreted this well but have tried interpreting a journey to engulfment.


So much time seems to be wasted when we all seem to think that time is plentiful. Is it? Really? In the past decade,  she has returned to her path of spirituality. Usually strife and hopelessness draws her there and in time, she feels at peace. She is astounded at how often she rereads a passage of wisdom and spiritual growth twenty to thirty years later as if it were the very first time. What does that mean?

There are times when she was in her  early twenty’s she may have digested words intellectually rather than emotionally. That is the only answer that makes sense to her. Life happens and too many times attachment to things and persons cloud our vision but the path is always there, waiting, forgiving and embracing.

Nothing can be rushed…it is not like spring cleaning with a power wash but letting yourself go and be.  Emptying your mind and allowing to be filled with light.

visions of white doves
inviting her home


For those who know me, also know my late mother’s name is dove in French, Colombe.


8 thoughts on “On the road to the Holy Grail (haibun)

  1. What a beautiful haiku. I like your thoughts on spiritual understanding. I have similar experiences. I think it’s that as we grow spiritually our understanding grows and deepens. Thanks so much for joining in the challenge. I hope your health improves quickly.


    1. Thanks so much, Suzanne. I am on antibiotics and cortisone now…the hives are still flaring up with the heat does not help but I am a pro at these annoying hives. cold compresses and cool gold bond cream helps a little. The coughing is part and parcel of bronchial asthma. I remember when I was younger and the radio would announce heat warnings for babies and seniors…guess, I am in one of those categories now.


      1. Oh gosh – I got hives when I was a kid but never as an adult. Have you eliminated food allergies or intolerances? There might something that is weakening your immune system so that more prone to illness. I hope you get some relief very soon.


      2. Yes, I have checked that and when I started getting overtired, sore throat then that flue, the hives camee at the same time as the sore throat. I need to respect my limits…this is a darn good reminder.

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      3. That’s very interesting – it sounds like adrenal fatigue which is often a precursor of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Given that you have already been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I think that this might be what is happening. Not that I’m a doctor but then doctors don’t always acknowledge these immune problems. It all sounds like the kind of dis-ease (hyphened on purpose – meaning – lack of ease in the body and with life generally). When I had these kind of weird problems occurring when I had CFS I discovered the best way to recovery was through the para-nervous system. That’s about doing things that make you feel good – resting, meditating, chanting, listening to relaxing music are all good. So is laughing. Watching funny movies, reading feel good books that take you away from your normal thoughts and worries etc. Going for a walk in nature or just sitting in peaceful surroundings are great too. Hope some of these ideas help – if not, just ignore them 🙂


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