Daily moments – Life is like that (haibun) August 24/17

Sometimes I get up in the morning and I am dazed, with dreams still lingering in my mind. Those first few seconds where I ask myself, “Um, what day is it? Where am I?” and slowly I come back to my real mundane world.

This morning was like that and as the day progressed, it changed from satisfying and calm to frustrating and chaotic. Now, all of this was going on in MY mind! Personal situations started bubbling. Then, you know when you day is going smoothly and then you ask for something out of the ordinary to someone yet, simple in a logical world would be a no brainer. Well, we do not always live in a logical world, now do we? Everyone has their own thing, their own moods, their own triggers and their own perceptions and ideas of logical.

The longer it takes to get a response to my request, the more I regress to that snot faced toddler stomping his feet…yep, that is pretty much how I felt. Part of me was silly and childish and another part of me was logical trying to make sense in a less than logical environment. Now mind you, this was still all going on in my mind again…good thing no one saw the scenarios in my mind’s eye!!

Well, my blood pressure surely went up a notch or two and that can be dangerous with a seasoned person like me but now I am calmer. Things are sorted out and I have grown out of my toddler’s shorts and I’m all “growed up now!”

inhaling a new day
golden glow on blue canvas
life can be like that

dark clouds loom mid-day
bright moods turn to gloom
life can be like that

day’s end takes a turn
orange and magenta skies
life can be like that


Daily moments – Life is like that  (haibun) August 24/17

2 thoughts on “Daily moments – Life is like that (haibun) August 24/17”

  1. I like the immediacy of this. It could be a response to the prompt I have just written and am about to post.


    1. Well, I look forward to checking that one out. It is amazing how serendipity played in my day. an hour after I wrote this, I had a really tough call, so I went up on the roof to see the last glimpse of the sunset and it just happened to coincide with my last verse but the sky was not magenta…bright orange. I’ll pot the photos on fb later.


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