hopeless in DC (troibun) Daily Moments Sept 29 ~17

I am just thinking out loud here.  I try not to delve to much into political rants but this has been bugging me for quite some time…

You know that wonderful tool “remote access”  where someone takes possession of your computer?  You know what I mean, right?  It is like a person with IT capabilities, shrink themselves smaller than Tom Thumb and makes corrections on your computer.    It is weird seeing that mouse point in all sorts of directions, letters showing up on your screen and you have not even touched the darn keyboard!! Right?

Now I wonder if this tool, “remote access” could be programmed with that leader south of here who seems to trump up on those 140 characters he tweets every day. Honestly, there should be an anti-trump-up (you know like an anti-virus) configured on every electronics he touches that can neutralize any stupid, discriminatory and dangerous to the nation and the world comment.  That might save the nation from some of his blunders.  As for his speeches, well that seems hopeless.

growling like a rabid dog
in Washington

waiting for the calm
caught in his tirades

growling like a rabid dog
people running for shelter
danger’s in the air

in Washington
living in a bad dream, like


silence of the fans (troiku – tanka) Daily Moments September 28 2017

temperatures plummet
cool breeze whistles
bonne nuit

temperatures plummet
even the cicadas
nature sleeps

cool breeze whistles
twilight serenade

bonne nuit
catching up
stories of the night


heatwave lifts
silence in the home
roar of monsters sleep
until summer


Daily moments – September 28 2017 silence of the fans 

under the Buck Moon (haibun)

Winding Road

Driving to their summer cottage in July along that long twisting road filled vacationers with such excitement and promise. A year older since last summer, the girls and boys have blossomed,  each with varied agenda…some fulfilling romantic dreams, others realizing hormonal packed fantasies…

winding road
summer’s burgeoning fruits
ripen in time

plucked under a full moon
succulent sighs trickle

their last kiss lingers
haunting the winding road home
September adieus


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s prompt “winding road’.

Inspired by Kim’s haiku:

magic woolen yarn
leading us back to winter
the winding road home
©Kim M. Russell’17

Daily moments – September 27/17 cooling off (a cherita)

(a cherita)

another sweltering day today

uncommon for this hemisphere
the A/C and a few extra fans roar all night long

I carry my oriental fan with me everywhere
fanning my sweaty face waiting for my Metro car
visualizing penguins in Antarctica

Years ago on a trip to Saint Marten, I noticed people walking to work and their pace was so slow compared to how we get to work. That made sense too! I realized that moseying along slowly, I did not build up a sweat …well, hardly since I am perspiring even in winter if I am walking fast. I often say jokingly, “I can’t help it, I’m just hot stuff!” but seriously it is not comfortable. I look on the bus today as my face is wet already before I even start my shift. I wonder with awe, how some of the commuters are wearing a long sleeve shirt and their faces are so dry!! How can that be possible?! Here I am fanning myself on the bus, on the Metro and spraying my face and hair with water when I get to work to cool myself.

I remember a few years ago visiting the Biodome several times with my grandson since I lived across the street from there at the time. When you first enter, you are flooded with the heat of the rainforest…oh, it is beautiful alright but within minutes, I am already anxious to get to the Antarctica section and sit watching those cute penguins prancing and diving into the water. To this day, I often visualize myself sitting in that section of the Biodome and it seems to cool my body a bit. Looks like I will be visualizing penguins this week.

©Cheryl-Lynn 17/09/27

hidden dreams (Haiga-Troiku) daily moments Feb 12

It’s hard to believe on Sept 27/17 the forecast today is 31C and this image is the forecast in about three months down the road that can go down to -30C…Guess I won’t complain of the heat today.

Tournesol dans un Jardin

Daily moments February 12 2017

(C) Clr'17 (C) Clr’17


Hope mixed with despair
from my bedroom window
dreams beneath the snow

hope mixed with despair
buried under heavy layers
winter laughs at me

from my bedroom window
lull of rumbling snow ploughs
drifting off to sleep

dreams beneath the snow
fleeting thoughts of blossoms
tulips pierce the snow


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a looney or a tooney (troibun)

They passed by him one by one. The sun had just risen and many people shuffled South coming back from their night shift; they seemed to notice him and some would stop by and say hi, or offer him something; others were in their own world walking zombie like; they couldn’t wait to hit the pillow.

And then there was another crowd walking the other direction, very quickly going to their day job. Most of them did not notice him and some even smirked at him as if he were a nuisance.

After the weekend, the morning crowd was not always accommodating.

by the Métro door
sips the last of his coffee
folks rush by

by the Métro door
holds out his Tim Horton cup
longing heavy coins

sips the last of his coffee
the nurse in purple, brings him
every Monday

folks rush by
every hundredth person drops
a big fat toonie


Written for Haiku Horizons: Coin

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©Clr’17 Loonie $1 Toonie $2 Canadian


Daily moments ~ shady dreams~ Troiku + solo no renga September 26 2017

sinking deeper
well of uncertainty
darkness cradles me

sinking deeper
gravity takes control
mocking me

well of uncertainty
taunting me with promise
empty like the well

darkness cradles me
acquiescent and submissive
I sleep

I sleep
fingers pointing
a mother’s look

mocking and contriving
faces in my dreams

cringing with self-doubt
know not what to do
praying to wake up

shrill of morning calling
finally in the greyness

is my darkness
holding me together