daily reflections – Irma vies for control (a cherita)

Waking up to a pounding headache, she slips back under her duvet pleading for slumber where pain is just a memory. Prayers answered she only awakens end of day and yet pounding persists. Amino acids and java finally acquiesce to her pleas; and then , she checks the news…bedlam in the tropics!

Mother Nature seems to be going through a new kind of neurosis. She worries for innocents having to uproot from their homes and friends far away, she prays for their safety. She remembers her very first soul mate from childhood up in the Keys…praying she is safe.

a cherita

swaddled in a pretense of safety

wrapped in a duvet
filled with impotence

anxiety burgeons
like a spring blossom
yet, autumn leaves begin to fall


Daily reflections – September 6  2017 Irma vies for control (cherita)

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