a looney or a tooney (troibun)

They passed by him one by one. The sun had just risen and many people shuffled South coming back from their night shift; they seemed to notice him and some would stop by and say hi, or offer him something; others were in their own world walking zombie like; they couldn’t wait to hit the pillow.

And then there was another crowd walking the other direction, very quickly going to their day job. Most of them did not notice him and some even smirked at him as if he were a nuisance.

After the weekend, the morning crowd was not always accommodating.

by the Métro door
sips the last of his coffee
folks rush by

by the Métro door
holds out his Tim Horton cup
longing heavy coins

sips the last of his coffee
the nurse in purple, brings him
every Monday

folks rush by
every hundredth person drops
a big fat toonie


Written for Haiku Horizons: Coin

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©Clr’17 Loonie $1 Toonie $2 Canadian


8 thoughts on “a looney or a tooney (troibun)”

  1. Most of us do not like Monday mornings but it’s no excuse to turn our noses upwards from that which we have created. I always find myself among those who stop, chat and leave a little something behind. I love this!

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    1. Thanks…sometimes it is not the drop of the coin but the smile or stopping to interact however briefly can make a difference in a person’s day. Just like smiling at the person next to you on the bus.

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  2. Thanks for the information about the Canadian money. I was feeling very sorry for myself just now but having read your troiku (very good) I realise how much better off I am than so many people whom you describe and I have no right to complain about anything. It is very sad and every little kindness we can show them is good for them and for us tool Love this.


    1. I find autumn finds me in clouds of melancholy with the drops in temperature and just because it’s the end of flowers, trees will soon be bare and the days are so much shorter (4 hours shorter by December. Embrace your feeling sorry, I find I write my best writing then but I’m also pleased you enjoyed the troibun . Our purses are so heavy now with those coins…reminds me when I visited UK years ago.


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