under the Buck Moon (haibun)

Winding Road

Driving to their summer cottage in July along that long twisting road filled vacationers with such excitement and promise. A year older since last summer, the girls and boys have blossomed,  each with varied agenda…some fulfilling romantic dreams, others realizing hormonal packed fantasies…

winding road
summer’s burgeoning fruits
ripen in time

plucked under a full moon
succulent sighs trickle

their last kiss lingers
haunting the winding road home
September adieus


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s prompt “winding road’.

Inspired by Kim’s haiku:

magic woolen yarn
leading us back to winter
the winding road home
©Kim M. Russell’17

11 thoughts on “under the Buck Moon (haibun)

  1. The prose is like looking at a photo album, Cheryl, a reminder of happy days – and then the poignant September adieus. I love the lines:
    ‘plucked under a full moon
    succulent sighs trickle’ –
    just a hint and then their last kiss haunts the winding road home – beautifully subtle.


    • Thanks, Hank, that winding road reminded me of going to summer camps and cottages as a teenager. Kim’s haiku about winter coming motivated me to write about that.


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