zoo (a cherita ) Daily Post November 30 2017

no more elevator music on your shopping sprees

spitting Christmas carols like popcorn
lyrics barely touch the souls

push, shove, grabbing the best deal
toddlers missed their mid-day nap
wailing in this zoo

©Tournesol ’17/11/30

Daily Post: Zoo November 30/17

butterfly blue (haibun) Weekly Writing Prompt #117

© Clr’17



The spring after her mother’s death, a butterfly would greet her daily on her way to work. Walking through the bushes behind the building, she would stop to admire the wild daisies and there on a blossom sat a blue butterfly. She  knew it had to be her mother hanging around just a while longer. The thicket served as a rent-free haven. The Landlord upstairs understands how difficult it can be for those left behind.  There is no right or wrong way to mourn…just takes time.

surviving a great loss
her mother
wings of a butterfly
kissed her cheek

©Tournesol ‘17/11/30

Written for Weekly Writing Prompt #117 at SecretKeeper
Prompts: Wing wrong rent serve great

In memory of my hero, June 22, 1926 – December 2, 2014

solo journey (jisei)



trace of autumn
wilting sunflower

trace of autumn
season closing in
darkness swells

wilting sunflower
falling to enrich
tomorrow’s garden

fading sun dips
to the other side


…on this muddy path
rich with fallen leaves
times remembered
walking solo on this journey
winter beckons


Writing a Jisei for Micro Poetry Month #30  and Heeding Haiku for Chevrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie has asked us to write free style chossing one of these prompts: sunflowers; lotus; new dawn; angels; clouds; raindrops; full circle; Fibonacci spiral

A Troiku is a new haiku form created by Chevrefeuille at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai

birthday blessings (tanka ~naani)

© Clr’17

November 29th Birthday wishes to three friends

What joy to see I had three friends to wish them joy on their birthdays today…


as the sun rises
thousands of birds migrate
on Loktak Lake
the wind whistles through the trees
birthday wishes…

friends are forever
whether near or far away
Saint Lawrence seaway
to the Pacific Ocean
echoing birthday blessings


as I meditate on those days
two women discussing life through tears and laughter
growing spiritually more and more each day
learning from each other – old souls connecting

wishing my friend a blessed birthday
today is her lucky year
may the sun rise and set
smiling on her each day…


Micro Poetry Month #29

Daily Moments November 28 2017 – Carpe Diem (A Cherita)



(a cherita)

even the sky seizes

sun rays hold steady
on a pale blue backdrop

tiny icicles form
eyelashes melt in liquid blue
exhaling white clouds


or the above moment in Waka:

even the sky seizes
on a pale blue backdrop
sun rays hold steady

tiny icicles form
melting in liquid blues
exhaling white clouds


Written for Micro Poetry Month #28

Daily Moments November 28 2017 – Carpe Diem (A Cherita)

so many joys (haibun)

Face Cheerful Laugh Woman Joy Mood Confetti Fun

We are asked to write about what brings us Joy at Tale Weaver and MindLoveMiserysMenagerie


There are too many joys to list in one sitting but here are a few mixed with haiku or tanka.


Sitting by the riverside, waiting for the sun to set

willows weep with joy
last sights of nature’s beauty
sun dips below
silent nestlings tucked in
robin does her last round

dips beneath blue azure
fluid hues of joy

So many joys to share…moments in time linger in my memory.

The first time you learn you are pregnant after years of trying. I remember not believing the pharmacist and asked him to write it down on the receipt to show my husband. My legs were shaking so much, and I could not stop laughing that I could not drive for a good fifteen minutes in the parking lot of the pharmacie.


I remember the trials and tribulations of being a first time homeowner. One morning, my husband had to call the contractor for help when our basement was flooded because the sonpump did not function properly. I was in my own world because I felt my baby move in my tummy for the very first time.

The first snowfall and hearing the crunch underfoot walking. Tasting snowflakes on my tongue when I am lying on my back making snow angles.

The first time your child says, “Mummy”
An adult child that say’s “I love you, Mom!”
a grandchild asks, “I miss you, Nana.”
a youth that suffers with most intense pain
ends his call with, “You give me hope”

sudden burst
heart bathed in pure love
tears of joy

moments of delight
yesteryear or yesterday – joys
reborn with your smile

Toddler walking barefoot in the grass for the first time, lifting his foot because it tickles.

sun kissed skies
dewdrops on soft white petals
early dawn of joy

Even at my age, sitting in a park alone, I am transported to another time…

sitting on a park bench
giggling children
paints joy on lips

sitting on a park bench
swallows chirp
telling stories

giggling children
skipping, running joyfully
tag you’re it

paints joy on lips
brings new life
spirit glows

giggling children
swallows telling stories
paints joy on lips

Awakened by tiny hands Christmas morning to see what surprise Santa has placed under the Christmas tree. Hearing the children talk among themselves, “But how did he know?!”

The joy listening to carols echo in Latin at Midnight mass singing Ave Maria and Adeste Fideles


Adeste, fideles, laeti, triumphantes,
Venite, venite in Bethlehem:
Natum videte Regem Angelorum:
Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.
En grege relicto, humiles ad cunas,
vocatis pastores approperant.
Et nos ovanti gradu festinemus.
Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.
Aeterni Parentis splendorem aeternum,
Velatum sub carne videbimus
Deum Infantem, pannis involutum.
Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.
Pro nobis egenum et foeno cubantem,
Piis foveamus amplexibus:
Sic nos amantem quis nos redamaret?
Venite adoremus, venite adoremus
Venite adoremus Dominum.

Random thoughts  ~ American Sentence Daily Moments #27

(c) Clr’17

Saturday’s tears, hidden by Sunday morning snow, until tomorrow.

Listening to yesterday’s songs in Mom’s rocking chair, then she appears.

First snow, I’m a child again, laying on my back making snow angels.

If only the world was led by their hearts instead of their egos.

Written for Micro Poetry Month #27

old man walking – Troiku – Daily moments November 26 2017


old man walking
heading to his last demise
knows not what’s ahead

old man walking
hoping for a better draw
winnings from his game

heading to his last demise
his pockets bare, he lost again
heart filled with despair

knows not what’s ahead
stepping off the curb to cross
crashing to his fate

life is filled
with obstacles to grip
do at what you may

life if filled
compassion is the game
despite miseries

with obstacles to grip
chance to live and learn
turn your life around

do at what you may
if you can get it right this time
paradise awaits


MicroPoetry Month #26

sinners in red (Quadrille & senryu) Micro Poetry Month 25 & First Line Friday

sinners in red Quadrille & senryu Micro Poetry Month 25

Below them,
the dark streets beckoned
with crimson light
men walking in secretly-
coming out with pure delight
inked red upon their lips

the townspeople knew all too well
the going’s on in this house of sin
lust seekers who’ll be going to hell.

who are you
to judge
casting the last stone?

we are all sinners
in the eyes of the Creator,
self-righteous one!


At Micro Poetry Monteh #25, we are asked to write a quadrille, a poem of 44 words. I have included the First Line Friday from MindLoveMiserysMenagerie which you see in italics to form my quadrille.