End of year reflections (troibun)

(C) Clr’17


December 26, 20178

Family gathered last night for dinner.  Was it out of tradition  or duty more than yearnings?   Some with childlike passion and wonder, some giddy with holiday excitement and one with a sharp tongue dripping with  masked humour hurting the target who’s left screaming silently with a heavy heart.

Where has love gone
Forgiveness and bygones…lost
Tales of yesterday

December 27, 2017

Honey, it’s cold outside at minus 19 C with the wind chill feels like minus 27C. Each day since Christmas it gets colder. Nothing to talk about except the weather. She sits in her mother’s rocker with the paisley covered cushions; she tries to write but nothing feels right and certainly nothing filled with holiday cheer. She thought of journaling but same difference, grey tones mixed with dark notions not fitting for this time of year.

White landscapes
A winter wonderland
Outside her window

Lethargy filled days catching up with much needed rest. Sleeping, reading, daydreaming, weeping and watching movies filled her days. Whenever she tried to write, only the pain resurfaced, and so she escaped in her dreams and her stories on the screen.

Cutting the current
In her brain
she finds relief
A winter wonderland
Outside her window

December 29, 2017

Knits her thoughts
wrapped in melancholy
she waits

knits her thoughts
dropping stitches one by one
a new year

wrapped in melancholy
masking old wounds
and forgiveness

she waits
tic toc tic toc
countdown to midnight

December 30th. 2017

Time freezes
Subzero temperatures
For awhile

Time freezes.
Midnight revellers
Numbed with champagne

Subzero temperatures
In perpetuity

For awhile
Until twenty eighteen
A new chapter

(c) Tournesol’17-12-30

Daily Moments December 26th to December 30, 2017

Snowstorms (troiku)


After snowstorms
brisk walks on fresh fallen snow
Renewed peace

After snowstorms
Of snow ploughs

Brisk walks on fresh fallen snow
Fluffy and white
Like icing sugar

Renewed peace
Lying on their backs
Making snow angels


Haiku Horizons

reality flows (troiku)

[…] “The mirror reflects perfectly; it makes no mistakes because it doesn’t think. To think is to make mistakes.” […] (Source: The Winner Stands Alone by Paulo Coelho)

©Clr’17 Yamaska River

leaning forward
reality stares back
by the riverbank

leaning forward
searching for a sign
splash of a fishtail

reality stares back
in mute stillness

by the riverbank
harmonica echoes
ripples dance


CDHK  -Mirror


Daily Moments December 19 2017 Friends (troiku)

Image may contain: sky, tree, plant, cloud, outdoor and nature

©Clr’17/12/19 14:20

greyness lingers
night-time holds us prisoners
December blues

greyness lingers
looking for a bit of light
shining in my heart

night-time holds us prisoners
soon the day shall pass
pouf!! it’s gone!

December blues
thankful to a caring friend
brightens up my day

©Tournesol ‘17/12/19

Daily Moments – December 19th 2017 – A troiku is a new haiku form created by Chèvrefeuille at CDHK