Wintertime (Fibonacci – Naani – Troiku)

(c) Clr’17

( Fibonacci )
our winters
despite shorter days
enjoying snow melt on my tongue
as I stare agape at the snow clouds in the sky

so brief
and temporary
like a snowflake melts on my cheek
and vapours on morning seas vanish effortlessly

( naani ) 

snow on my balcony
I rest in the warmth of my abode
wishing I were a child again, rolling in the snow
making snow angels as I stare up in the heavens


snow falls
brightening  death
of winter

dressing trees
with white angels

brightening  death
adorning mother’s place
snow covered tombstone

of winter
slumber takes over
melancholy hearts


Daily Moments December 10  2017 – Wintertime

10 thoughts on “Wintertime (Fibonacci – Naani – Troiku)”

  1. Fabulous Fibonacci, Cheryl, I especially like the second one with the melting snowflake. I like the shift in the naani to the warmth of home – and then the terrific troiku – I associate winter with my mum’s death – it will be a year on 9th January..

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      1. The good thing about next year is that once Mum’s anniversary is over, I have the birth of my daughter’s first child to look forward to at the beginning of March. I’m just sorry Mum missed that.


      2. I can see how that might help with a grandchild. My daughter announced she was having a baby 2 days before my father passed. That would be 14 years January 3rd. Both my parents seemed to not want to go through another winter.

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  2. Wow what an incredible beautiful post Cheryl Lynn. I love the fir-tree shape, but I hadn’t thought about that. I like it and your Fibo-ku’s are really awesome. I am so glad to see how you have picked up this new creative haiku-like form.


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