End of year reflections (troibun)

(C) Clr’17


December 26, 20178

Family gathered last night for dinner.  Was it out of tradition  or duty more than yearnings?   Some with childlike passion and wonder, some giddy with holiday excitement and one with a sharp tongue dripping with  masked humour hurting the target who’s left screaming silently with a heavy heart.

Where has love gone
Forgiveness and bygones…lost
Tales of yesterday

December 27, 2017

Honey, it’s cold outside at minus 19 C with the wind chill feels like minus 27C. Each day since Christmas it gets colder. Nothing to talk about except the weather. She sits in her mother’s rocker with the paisley covered cushions; she tries to write but nothing feels right and certainly nothing filled with holiday cheer. She thought of journaling but same difference, grey tones mixed with dark notions not fitting for this time of year.

White landscapes
A winter wonderland
Outside her window

Lethargy filled days catching up with much needed rest. Sleeping, reading, daydreaming, weeping and watching movies filled her days. Whenever she tried to write, only the pain resurfaced, and so she escaped in her dreams and her stories on the screen.

Cutting the current
In her brain
she finds relief
A winter wonderland
Outside her window

December 29, 2017

Knits her thoughts
wrapped in melancholy
she waits

knits her thoughts
dropping stitches one by one
a new year

wrapped in melancholy
masking old wounds
and forgiveness

she waits
tic toc tic toc
countdown to midnight

December 30th. 2017

Time freezes
Subzero temperatures
For awhile

Time freezes.
Midnight revellers
Numbed with champagne

Subzero temperatures
In perpetuity

For awhile
Until twenty eighteen
A new chapter

(c) Tournesol’17-12-30

Daily Moments December 26th to December 30, 2017

11 thoughts on “End of year reflections (troibun)

  1. Not sure why some folks have to be mean. Gene said I was making fun of him yesterday about putting his underwear away. He had left it on the dresser above the drawer for his underwear. So I guess I am one of the mean ones, too, at ties. Surrounding you with virtual hugs.


    • The fact that he could tell you how he felt shows how awesome you two are together. The comments I got were mean spirited….there is a difference. I am relishing your virtual hugs, Janice. Thank you. Xxx


    • Happy New Year, Suzanne. I know you are a day ahead but it is is 1:30 am. here and -30C with the windchill…brrrrr. I did see quickly your new blog but did not have a chance to read through or comment. Nursing a cold now on my time off. Blessings to you.


      • No problem about visiting my blog. I just thought you expressed an interest a while ago. Maybe I was thinking of someone else. Your weather sounds awful and I hope you are not too ill. What extreme planet we live on. I just saw a weather forecast where we are expecting a top of 41 C next Saturday. Holy Moly! Anything over 38 is absolutely horrid. I stay home as much as possible. Take care. I hope 2018 brings you some inner peace. You sound very tormented. I spent yesterday in Emergency with a heart attack that turned out to be a stress attack so I can relate.

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