A girl called gift (troibun)

This photo challenge inspired this story…from MindLoveMiserysMenagerie at Sunday Writing

Life was intolerable. Little One could no longer let this happen to her. This was the last time she would sit still while being violated; she did not cry herself to sleep tonight like most nights. Instead, she sang a chant the old lady in the village taught her. The Elder told her as she knitted on her porch,”These words bring home justice…always, If you chant this chant 10,000 times in a row without interruption.” The old lady gave her turquoise mala beads, “Here, these beads will ensure your safety if you chant as I have instructed.” She held her gift preciously all the way home.

Little One took the beads from under her pillow and began chanting. She pulled the curtain beside her bed to let in the light of the full moon. The universe kept her up all night…by sunrise, she was chanting her last set. It was quiet. The house would not come alive for another hour. She had time…

Her backpack had all her necessities had been packed for months, hidden under her bed. She dressed quickly and slipped out the back door and made her way to her secret place by a pond in the woods behind her house.

Sitting by the pond
Heart filled with hope
A lotus blossoms

Sitting by the pond
Birds chirp happily
Morning songs

Heart filled with hope
Frog sits on a lily pad
At peace

A lotus blossoms
Exhales equanimity
Touched by an angel


seeking the words (free verse – tanka)



seeking the words (free verse – tanka)

time goes by
do I ignore her?
or she eludes me?

like running on empty
body goes through the motion
thoughts no longer genuine
scripted, politically correct
boring as hell
but life goes on
no one is touched
no one is moved
my soul hangs in limbo


time goes by
do I ignore her?
or she eludes me?

glare of a fifteen inch screen
stares at me –motionless … dumb
thoughts have yet to be seen
dulled sentiments simply numb
sinking deeper in a well of bile
a new meaning’s been given
to that famous green mile
no longer defining a planned death
this madness within will soon escape
released with each mindful breath

time goes by
do I ignore her?
or she eludes me?

but then…

icicles shimmer
pure beauty radiates
searching for the words
sunshine melts indifference
my muse has just returned



Daily Moments January 28 2018 – searching the words

Justice (haibun)

The movie was tense and people were holding their breaths in time with the music making their hearts skip a few beats now and then…all except for Tania. She would stare at the screen showing a horror film at her old town’s movie theatre. It was supposed to be a reunion of her best forever friends and classmates of 1957 and yet…Her mind could not escape the scene from her motel last night.

She kept playing it over and over in her head. She could still hear the woman chanting the same rhyme in the room next to hers.

you will pay for your sin
robbing me of my childhood
time to see who’s turn to win
 and rob you of your manhood

Tania dialed 911 and the police arrived just in time preventing a sordid and painful deed. The man had left in handcuffs and not the girl. He had been listed as one of the most wanted in ten states for sexual assault of a minor for the past four decades.
Tania whispered her favourite chant:

justice will prevail
waste not your life avenging
karma always wins

©Tournesol ’18/01/16

Written for the Secret Keeper Challenge: Write a poem or flash ficiton incluidng these 5 words:  | LIST | OVER| STARE | FILM | RHYME |

nature’s duvet (troiku) Daily Moments Jan 15/18


snow swaddles the earth
the old spruce stands tall
aims to the heavens

snow swaddles the earth
mother nature’s lullaby
whistles through the night

the old spruce stands tall
guiding through the storm
a landmark

aims to the heavens
children’s soft whispers
bedtime prayers


Daily Moments Jan 15  2018  Nature s Duvet Troiku

Haiku Horizons: Aim


Daily moments mid-season change January 12 2018 Troiku


sudden winter thaw
birds chirp on bare branches
dazed and confused

sudden winter thaw
Mother Nature’s idea
of a bad joke

birds chirp on bare branches
searching from above
nothing to eat

dazed and confused
jewelled icicles take in the sun
dripping off branches


Daily moments mid-season change January 12 2018 Troiku

Daily Moments – January 8, 2018 – memories (troibun)


Day 4 of snow today but on the grrreat side, it is th warmest it has been in 2 weeks reaching a balmy minus 4 C!! I had to do some errands today and waiting for the winds to calm down. They said it was supposed to stop at 2pm.but by 4pm.it was still snowing. I was so thrilled when I got outside, because the snow was nice and immaculate and powdery. The snow ploough had cleared up the sidewalk in the morning, so it was not too bad but on my return it had stopped snowing and I was following the sidewalk plough.

I love walking in the snow after a blizzard. It was so calm and mild outside. I thought of waiting for the bus when I finished my errands with two heavy bags but I figured that walking was healthier even if I walk slowly. I have spent two weeks on my back most of the time nursing my sinuses but mostly I was so darn exhausted.

Coming back to my walk, it reminded me of a dear late friend who used to walk at night with me for hours. We would tuck our kids to bed, our hubbies too and then meet after 10 or 11 at night and walk and talk. I miss her so dearly. She was my next door neighbour I met when we moved to Chambly January 7th 1982. My daughter was just one and my son was 4. It was their father’s birthday too. I was never happier moving out of the country where the kids were born and into a small suburban town. I had been so lonely at the other place. Here in Chambly, all the children were outside playing speaking French or English and moms were outside chatting and walking. During snow storms, everyone was out. Dads shovelling and chatting with a neighbour or two for a break; children making forts and moms watching them and chatting with neighbours. Gosh! We were all healthy!! [chuckling to myself now]

I was thinking of Janet, my old neighbour and dear friend walking back home tonight. I have never had a friend like her since. We would call each other late at night if we could not sleep and let the phone ring one ring. That was the signal who was calling not to disturb or wake up anyone. I suppose today we might have texted but we did not have cell phones then. Then we would meet up and drink coffee and me sweet tea until 3 or 4 in the morning. She made me a better person and mother in so many ways.

So back to the weather, well, apparently we have had such cold weather from minus 25 to minus 40 C and they say we broke a record for being the coldest for so many consecutive days in 164 years!! Wow!

Thanks to Linda Hill for her prompt in Stream of Consciousness Saturday (SoCS): prompt “eco” that coaxed me to write something since I have not had the energy, although I had the inspiration, to write in the past week. And once again, wishing you all a happy new year filled with much love. If you have love in your heart, you are wealthy and successful!.

Winters long ago

Lifting my spirit

Winters long ago
Building snow forts all day long
Snow angels rest

Walking after a snowstorm
Crunch underfoot

(c)Tournesol’ 18-01-08

Daily Moments – January 8, 2018 – memories (troibun)