A girl called gift (troibun)

This photo challenge inspired this story…from MindLoveMiserysMenagerie at Sunday Writing

Life was intolerable. Little One could no longer let this happen to her. This was the last time she would sit still while being violated; she did not cry herself to sleep tonight like most nights. Instead, she sang a chant the old lady in the village taught her. The Elder told her as she knitted on her porch,”These words bring home justice…always, If you chant this chant 10,000 times in a row without interruption.” The old lady gave her turquoise mala beads, “Here, these beads will ensure your safety if you chant as I have instructed.” She held her gift preciously all the way home.

Little One took the beads from under her pillow and began chanting. She pulled the curtain beside her bed to let in the light of the full moon. The universe kept her up all night…by sunrise, she was chanting her last set. It was quiet. The house would not come alive for another hour. She had time…

Her backpack had all her necessities had been packed for months, hidden under her bed. She dressed quickly and slipped out the back door and made her way to her secret place by a pond in the woods behind her house.

Sitting by the pond
Heart filled with hope
A lotus blossoms

Sitting by the pond
Birds chirp happily
Morning songs

Heart filled with hope
Frog sits on a lily pad
At peace

A lotus blossoms
Exhales equanimity
Touched by an angel


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