6 o’clock train (troibun)

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I grew up in the ‘50’s and lived by the train tracks where you would hear shunting of freight trains and whistles throughout the day. When I was first married, in the early 70’s my husband and I lived by the train station, again we too felt the vibration of the long cargo train especially late at night. Trains were a way of life in our small town and still, these freight trains impact and at times oppress the lives of the residents.

This reminds me of a typical day in the late 1950’s where shows like Father’s Knows Best was a popular television show…

cooking supper
window shakes
6 o’clock train

cooking supper
children whine they’re hungry
train whistles

window shakes
pot of stew boils over
shrill screeches

6 o’clock train
children squeal with joy
Daddy’s home!
(c) Tournesol’18

Written for Heeding  Haiku with Chevrefeuille at MindLoveMiserysMenagerie

The above poem is a Troiku, a new form of haiku created by your host, Chevrefeuille. To know more about it, click here.

4 thoughts on “6 o’clock train (troibun)”

  1. When we lived on the farm it was several miles to the closest train tracks. I could hear the whistles at night. w
    When we moved in town, the tracks were less than two blocks away. At first the whistles would awaken. But then we grew accustomed to them.


  2. I love your memories of childhood and the way you use sound to take us into a sensory journey. Your writing brings back memories of my own childhood.


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