Dear Emma (haibun)

Dear Emma,

It is 7:20 AM and I am waiting at the airport. Of course I got here 2 hours ago. I know, I know, I get here way too early but I probably saved $10.00 in taxi fare due to no traffic at 5:00 AM, it gave me time to have a nice breakfast (Fritatta and fresh fruit) and of course I brought my coffee a blend of decaf and espresso. So getting here that early, I can do my thing before going through security since I cannot bring my coffee (liquids).I brought a small water bottle this time so if I get stuck at security and notice there is a bit left, I can chug it down so they don’t confiscate another water bottle! [Do I sound still bitter from my March trip? Well, I am!]

The ride here was amazing…the moon looked so full and it was still very bright at 5AM! I tried to catch a photo but it did not do it justice so just imagine a pale blue and pink sky and a pale round moon with splotches of grey.

I am headed West and apparently it is almost 10 degrees cooler! Who would have guessed. As we say here in Québec, “C’est le monde viré en enver”. In San Diego, forecasting 16C and 24C in Montreal…weird!

I have not slept all night as I started packing at 10pm. And of course I packed and unpacked 3 times to make sure I was bringing ONLY what I needed. I had started out packing my new capri pants but with the weather that cool, may as well stick to jeans, leggings and long skirt.

Poor Bette knew I was leaving…I had set out 5 bowls of food in a larger bowl with water to prevent ants from climbing in. Water bowls placed here and there and two fans in the dining room and living room to circulate the air. I had reserved the taxi at 4am, so I could sit with my cuppa and comb Bette, then pet her over and over and over. She soaked it all up since she knows I will be leaving. I did feel a bit guilty but fortunately, my son will be passing by almost every day. He teaches 5 minutes form my home, so Bette should be thrilled since she does prefer men!

I look forward to my trip this year…relaxing, spiritual and peaceful. Hopefully being by the ocean, will reenergize me for six weeks until my next vacation.

Checking a list
Making sure to bring
Check, check and double check
Just bordering O.C.D.

Emerald eyes
Study with scrutiny
Pleading not to leave

© Tournesol ‘18/05/29

7 thoughts on “Dear Emma (haibun)”

  1. This is great. Enjoyed it so much. Poor Bette. You conveyed those mixed feelings of getting organised to go on a holiday… stress mixed with excitement. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing time.


  2. Wishing you much needed rest and relaxation. Our dog would recognize the vets where we would board her when we made trips. Sam would smile and wag the tail. She was always happy to stay there.


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