who’s sorry now? (Troiku + Cherita) Daily Moments

She arrived at work over two hours earlier than usual since she had appointments in the morning. Taking her time to settle at her workstation, she fires up her computer and decides to listen to some music on Youtube. This week is the Montreal International Jazz Festival and what better occasion to listen to jazz.
They were entering their first heatwave, so she started by listening to Summertime by Ella the Queen of Jazz and Soul along with other versions getting her acquainted to more singers and musicians. She vacillated from older masters of Jazz to today’s artists allowing the music to of another time carry her…

For the past few years, I am so mesmerized by this singer.

swept away
Coltrane whines mournfully
recalling another time

swept away
Unforgettable lines
crooned by Cole

Coltrane whines mournfully
piercing deep
into her soul

recalling another time
replaying over and over
Who’s Sorry Now



Daily Moments – Jazzy afternoon (troiku)


Who’s Sorry Now (A Cherita)

music brings her back seeing her heartbroken mother for months

coming home after school
remembering on the darkness with shades pulled down

hearing the sobbing voice
Connie Frances moans over and over and over
that unrelenting turntable


©Tournesol ’18/06/29

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