July 16, 2018. Walking on the sandy beach (haibun)

  1. As she walked out the door, a couple passing by alerted her to watch out for the crab, who was entering her room!   She quickly closed the door and the crab just stood there, stoic or scared.

    She decided to walk to another end of the beach which seemed longer but another summer resort was ahead and her curiosity got the best of her.  A nice walk in the morning. Before a swim would be just perfect she thought, before her brunch.

    A large crab scattered across her shimming the sand sideways towards the shore. She looked up ahead and tiny crabs shot back and forth…they must be her babies.

    She noticed another lifeguard stand with a thatched roof and wondered if the winter tourists came all the way up to here. As she continued walking she noticed a large terrace with a thatched roof and noticed a man walking there.  The building next to the terrace was a lovely three storey house. She wondered if this was a villa of some sort. The palm threes around were just magnificent.

    Children further along were swimming with life jackets which she found wise as one never taunts the sea.
    She decided to turn back and go for a swim before the sun would be unbearable despite her sunscreen and long sleeve shirt.

    To her delight the water was refreshing…just slightly cooler than the previous days.  She did not know if she was simply getting used to the weather or if it was less humid and cooler…she certainly appreciated the light breeze coming off the ocean.

    Accepting life as is
    Floating with each wave,
    Nature yields

(c) Tournesol’18/07/16

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