July 17th. Daily Moments – love story, chapter 2 (haibun)

(c) Clr’18

Sitting on her patio, she watches the waves splashing onto the shore, sipping her café.  

Today is the most important day of her son’s life that will be imprinted in his memory forever.  He is marrying his bride today and she is gaining a most wonderful, compassionate and beautiful daughter.  She is blessed. What is most important is that he is happy and yet the bonus is that she is also thrilled. Her presence in their lives has sweetened the family.

Her daughter in law’s family have come down from Montreal and and others from Chile to bless this union and what better place in this atmosphere but in Mexico.  

She spent three hours with her son as the bride needed her privacy to get ready.



These were precious moments…They talked and slowly got ready for the most important day of his life.

He folded and unfolded his handkerchief at least half a dozen times to make it just perfect and almost pricked his finger placing his corsage…the same tone as the bride’s dress but he did not know that yet.

As he waited at the arc by the ocean, his face filled with so much emotion as he watched his bride come down the path with her father.  She had this knowing smile and he had a look of awe seeing the love of his life meet up with him in her wedding dress that caught his breath.

There were one or two raindrops but someone in heaven who loves him very much must have had some doing in holding off the rain…the clouds stayed strong but not a drop fell over the wedding ceremony.

The last gesture of their union was draping the rosary lasso over the bride and groom…so fitting and solemn this was.

They shared their vows
Of mutual love
Now and forever

Lapping on the shore
Giddy with joy

Just before twilight
Clouds melted in the horizon
Perfect sunset glowed

© Tournesol ’18/07/17

The wedding trip from Montreal to Punta de Mita, Mexico, celebrating the matrimony of our son and daughter…Olivier and Maria-Josée

(c) Tournesol’18/07/17

4 thoughts on “July 17th. Daily Moments – love story, chapter 2 (haibun)

    • Thanks so much, Celestine. This is my 3rd trip this year away from home and I really want to travel more. I want to go to Africa next but not sure where…Morrocco intestes me a lot when I look at the photos my neighbour showed me of her home and camels walking on the beach! I will have to work a bit to save up and have time to decide where.


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