rainy afternoon (troibun)

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She does not feel bad about the sun hiding behind the clouds for a few days with the scorching sun all last week, her skin could use a break.

Looking outside at the all the cars parked at the mall stuns her. On a Sunday afternoon, she remembers rainy days even at the trailer by the lake, reading a good book, writing a letter or journal and the children playing board games. If it was warm enough, you could go out in the rain and just enjoy the freedom of walking on the wet grass and allow it to tickle your feet and giggle like a kid again.

Rainy days are good for so many things “besides shopping”. Do you remember making love in a tent on a rainy day…hearing only the sounds of each other’s breathing and the pitter patter of the rain on the canvas. [she sighs a moment, remembering…]

But today many need to get out, she guesses. People watching can be interesting. That is one thing she enjoyed doing especially on cold winter days, sitting in a coffee shop and people watch. But not today, she has settled in her mother’s rocker with ice packs on her neck, shoulders, knee and back, writing on her blog today. But the rain does explain her aches and pains as well…looks like she will be carrying ice packs to work this week too. [she winces at the thought of her aching body making her feel 90] Well, as long as her heart is still 30 something and many times 10 something [those moments when she wants to swing on a swing or skip like a kid again] Ah, those feelings never go away you know. Society just expects older folks to shuffle their feet, grunt here and there, wheeze and grumble but in every person over 60 to 102, there is always the child who keeps on ticking like an Eveready battery. That child still has dreams, hopes and fantasizes more than you know.

Sun shies away
clouds spilling over
Cleansing the land

Sun shies away
on grey billows

Clouds spilling over
Forming puddles
Bird baths

Cleansing the land
Wind and rain collaborate
Hear the leaves sigh

© Tournesol’18/07/22

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