Sunday Brunch – Troiku

They met for brunch at Ricardo’s Café. It was a new place for both of them. How she felt her mother’s presence when they walked into the kitchen store part. All the dishes, bowls, table clothes and special accessories to decorate a table. Mom loves walking around in a store like this. For a moment, she felt she was in Knowlton just shopping unitl they would sit at a café for a light lunch and coffee…maybe even a beer or a glass of wine!

Now she was experiencing this new place with a friend. They talked like they knew each other for years…laughed a bit, cried a bit like women who get to the heart of things and truly communicate, then giggled like excited teenagers. A perfect afternoon.

Good food
Excellent company
Brunch with a friend

Good food
Heals what ails you
Topped with fudge sauce

Excellent company
Being present when it counts
Then giggling like teens

Brunch with a friend

Fills the tummy,
Warms the heart

© Tournesol’18-9-05 

Daily Moments August 5, 2018

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