Plain Jane (troibun) Daily moments Aug.9/18

It was another hot and humid day. Commuters boarded the bus one by one, quiet and as soon as one sat down, they slid open a window next to or above them. Even open, there was no air. One older woman sat at the back and got her oriental fan out. The woman continued fanning until the bus crossed the bridge and a slight breeze came off the river.

Another woman who had sat on the side changed seat to sit higher up. Perhaps to be closer to the window and feel a bit of wind. A piece of brown hand paper was sticking out of her nose. It looked like she was trying to control a nosebleed. Her wet shoulder length blonde hair was pulled back in a pony tail. She had extra big sunglasses on. There was something about her. It looked like she had black eyeliner and it was a really thick line. She looked stoic, not reading or listening to music like many commuters…just staring out the window in front of her.

Just as the bus entered the terminal, the blonde tilted to the left and one could see she had a very black eye and it was not makeup. Getting off the bus, she disappeared in a sea of commuters.

Hidden in a crowd
One in a million faces

Hidden in a crowd
To each his own

One in a million faces
Who can pick out the victims
Suffering in silence

Feeling safe playing Plain Jane
No one sees her

©Tournesol ’18-09-08
Daily moments Plain Jane. Troibun

Heeding Haiku with Chevrefeuille – we are asked to write a Troiku created by Chevrefeuille.`

6 thoughts on “Plain Jane (troibun) Daily moments Aug.9/18”

  1. You remind me of a few women I have encountered that, while I didn’t see bruises… were either harassed or bullied in public by family members.

    I would like to think that Plain Jane was going to an agency to get help so she could blossom into the ‘rose’ that she is.

    We are bombarded with bad and fake news so I try to visit a good news site daily.
    With stories like this…:MSN Good News Story


    1. Thanks! I will check out this site as I have no tv and the only bad news I read about is from bloggers, friends or facebook…so yep, I prefer to read good news. I see reality enough all day in my work and around me. Sometimes, though, I feel I need to write about daily things I see to create an awareness for those who could actually make a difference …just a smile, hold the door , give up a seat…makes my day anyway.

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