Usually when I start reading a book written by a fellow blogger, I put up the book and subtitle “Currently reading” but this one I read too quickly!! That says a lot about the author, Linda Hill.  


The Magician's Curse: A Paranormal Romance The Great Dagmaru Book 1 by [Hill, Linda G.]

I have been selective in my reading in the past 5 years since I started blogging and love reading the works of some bloggers who have become so much more than virtual bloggers to me. Linda Hill is a woman who I admire for all that she does, as a full-time mom of three, writing books and novellas, writing prompts and encouraging other writers! She is a wonderful part of our WordPress community!

Had I known the young love of the magician was just a teen, I would have started reading sooner, being a youth counsellor for a National youth helpline.

Such a romantic fifty’s style novel with a chance meeting on a train, finding true love, not knowing what mysteries are behind this handsome magician! It is a timeless novel that seduces the reader to read on.

I had not read a romance novel in decades but having read Linda Hill’s book, All Good Stories a while back, I was totally entertained with her writing style that I completed it in an afternoon.

I knew, then, I had to read Linda’s Magician’s Curse, because I love her writing style. Although I know how skittish I can be with paranormal stories or novels, remembering how scared I was reading the Mayfair Witches by Alice Rice and Needful Things by Stephen King but, it was their writing that drew me in just as Linda Hill’s writing did, once again.

I started reading, The Magician’s Curse: A Paranormal Romance The Great Dagmaru Book 1, yesterday and after Chapter 2 I was hooked! I just finished it this afternoon.

The Magician’s Curse has just enough suspense and the pacing is perfect so the reader has time to catch up; there is romance, erotica (bravo, Linda, got me a tingling all over!) and more than a love story but a family’s saga brought down from generation to generation, you want to know more and more about, so you just have to read the The Magician’s Blood, Book 2.

Cheryl-Lynn Roberts 18/09/12

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