What’s new in Tournesol’s jardin (daily moments ) Troibun

A week ago yesterday, I adopted a new kitty of 9 months. Well, I suppose I should say a young cat since she is a teenager now and not a little kitty.  She is a beautiful black domestic, long hair feline with the most elegant demeanour. At first look when I visited the foster home a month ago, I was surprised to see her tiny face.  Usually, (I thought) most kittens had that baby face…round and chubby but not her.  I was surprised how friendly she was with a perfect stranger too and did not even blink an eye when the foster mummy put her in my arms.

Unfortunately, the foster mum explained that my cat had to be up to date with her vaccines before exposing this new feline, the shelter named Bella2.   I had been putting treats for Bette for the past month in her carrier (which she only used once in 6 years) to get her used to going in there to see the Vet.  By the time it was time to leave for the appointment, I almost got her in the carrier but felt uncomfortable being firm and pushing what was left…her big bushy tail and let her out.  My friend was driving me to her vet and I asked her to come in and put Bette in the carrier as I just was not able to.  She has 6 cats, 4 kittens and their feral mummy,  very feral and one  or two of her own cats   So yeah, she is better than I am with cats. She is also a saviour for me.  She had watched Bette when I was away in Mexico

Bette fussed very little and went into the carrier.  By the time we got to the vet, Bette stopped meowing.   My friend brought her into the office of the vet who is also an acquaintance from her home country. I registered her name with the technicians and when it was time to see the vet, I knocked on the door of his office, and Bette was lying quietly on her side on the desk as my friend and the vet were chatting. Wow!   He must be a cat whisperer or something, I thought!

Bette was putty in his arms.  She never tried to get away on that stainless steel table either.  The technician came in later to give me instructions and Bette was still docile. When it was time to leave, I asked the technician to put her in the carrier…I still did not feel calm enough and if Bette feels my stress, well, all hell breaks loose.  I am such a wuss. I was the same as a parent, I’m afraid.

Now I had to wait another two weeks as the vet said Bette had to build her immune system before another feline was introduced into our home. I felt so bad having the foster mum keep her another 2 weeks, so I offered to pay for expenses and her time.  She refused, as she is a very devoted feline foster mum and suggested I give an extra donation to the shelter which I did.

I had been looking to adopt a black medium to long hair kitten for months. I had chosen Krishna for a male cat and Kali for a female.  When I first visited Bella, I found Frankie might be a nice name too in honour of Aretha Franklin but after a few days home, I felt her tiny pointy face looked so much like a Bombay cat and Kali it is.


She first started homing in my bathroom where I had placed toys, beds and a new cat tree but after 3 days I found that annoying every time I had to use the washroom.  I would stay there as well to entertain her and keep her company a few times in the day and the limited space made in rather uncomfortable, so we graduated to the guest room.  At least there I can sit with her, or lie on the bed and watch a show on my tablet or play with her and she has room to run.

Bette is still hissing at her but not growling as much through the screen I fashioned in front of the doorway when I leave it open for a few minutes.  I put a towel to hide Kali now and give extra yummy treats and meals for Bette placed 3 feet in front of the door so  she can get a scent of her new step-sister. Any positive reinforcements I am trying to help her accept Kali.  Although at feeding times, Kali is too distracted with Bette…it shows she wants to just play with her. She is calm when Bette hisses as if she understands what she is going through.  I’m telling you, Kali is quite special. I think Bette may also be more afraid as she has always been  spooked by any change.

Image may contain: cat


It is a slow process and I have to respect Bette who has been the matriarch of this entire apartment for 6 years.  Watching lots of Jackson Galaxy’s shows on Youtube has helped to learn tricks too.  Coincidentally, I received his latest book, Total Cat MoJo in the mail the same day Kali arrive.  How cool is that?!

I got more cat toys for both cats and I find Bette is more interested to play now (that will certainly help lose some of her belly fat!).

One of our quality times together is my bath time…she is so adorable.Image may contain: cat

So that is the update of what is going on in my jardin (garden) lately.

Image may contain: cat and indoor

With the beauty of Instagram I can pretend they are friend…BFF’s (Best Feline Friends)



No automatic alt text available.

feline friends
soft and cuddly
warm my bed

feline friends
two are better than one
fill me with joy

soft and cuddly
soothing to the touch
I fall asleep

warm my bed
purring machines at work
heart stops racing

(c) Tournesol ’18/10/20

The reason I adopted a black cat is the are the ones who are least adopted.


15 thoughts on “What’s new in Tournesol’s jardin (daily moments ) Troibun

  1. Awww, your cats are so sweet looking. Cubby is the name of the first and only cat I really knew and fell in love with. I never really had contact with a cat before then. She was not even my cat but my then-boyfriend-now-husband’s family’s cat. And you’ll notice the past tense. Sigh. My husband is unfortunately allergic to cats, and he suffered a lot by his family having a cat (although his mom tried desperately to keep the house pristine for him), so he is not willing to get another cat. Therefore, I have never owned a cat in my entire life. 😦


    • Oh so sad!! but totally understand. My daughter is allergic to cats and most dogs. When she moved out, I got new cats even if I was allergic. I just took lots of medication . The Siberian cat is almsot hyperallergenic and last year I passsed tests and I am hardly allergic now…yay!! there has to be some advantage to getting older (I prefer to say seasoned)

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