recalling (haibun) Daily moments March 21, 2019

Ah finally spring has arrived!    Along with the scents of decay and images of black snow melting, there is still hope in the air.  Once the old is washed away, the new will start to thrive.  Trees are starting to form those amazing buds, birds are flying back home, animals are mating, teens and adults falling in love again. It is all so mesmerizing and inspiring.  It is not just new love, new life but also rekindling memories .   That is the beauty of the mind that can wander, imagine and travel back in time that will make you sigh and smile.


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walking in a daze
bedazzled by the chaste moon
recalling his scent

(c) Tournesol ’19/03/21

7 thoughts on “recalling (haibun) Daily moments March 21, 2019

    • Yes, finally!!I was chatting with an old friend who now lives in California and he was saying how he feels chilled at 60F now becuase he has been living in Cali since the 80’s. Yet, I remember in Galvelston the weather went down to 50F and I was wearing a light ski jacket and I was still a bit cold unless I walked real fast. This week it was 45F , wearing the same jacket and I felt warm. I guess cold is relative and depending where you are lol


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