Summer Solstice ~ Haibun ~ Daily Moments June 21 2019


Another grey day and it’s the first day of summer [sigh]. She worries the skies won’t clear and again tonight she will not see that beautiful, humongous full moon. Well, no reason to fret all day and at least it’s not raining …yet. The weather has been unusual in the past few years. Extreme cold winters that last for months on end and no spring…well, hardly a spring that is.

People joke and say we only have two seasons now, but she thinks there are three…winter, sprummer and autumn. Winter lasts 6 months and sprummer and autumn negotiate every year for what they can get.

Tomorrow is her mother’s birthday and every year since her passing in 2014, she has a tradition. She goes to a town where she raised her children and where her mother would also come for picnics by the river rapids. She sits on a rock with her feet in the water and chants her mantra to the waves, remembering her presence. Tears of joy and melancholy run down her cheek and mix with the river’s splashing from the strong current, the rapids and the dam.

This year she will bring her grandson to the rapids. He’s almost fifteen, and may find it boring…unless, he brings his fishing rod [twinkle in her eye].

behind grey veils
hanging with humility
my summer moon

© Tournesol 2019/06/21

10 thoughts on “Summer Solstice ~ Haibun ~ Daily Moments June 21 2019

  1. Awww this is beautiful. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mother in heaven. What a beautiful tradition. I know your Grandson will love it because he’s sharing time with you. Have a beautiful day and hopefully the gray skies will turn to blue. The weather is crazy here too. Storming a lot! Sending hugs and love to you! xoxo ❤

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      • Today it is sunny and the sky is such a beautiful blue it looks surreal! It my mom’s birthday, so I am bringing flowers to her resting spot and then going to my old hometown in honour of her. I will take photos of the rapids…always so beautiful there.

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      • Yay for blue skies and I love the peace and love you feel when we honor our beloveds in a special way. I think we feel them every more close if that’s possible. Have a lovely day my friend xxx ❤


  2. What a special time for the two of you. Make sure he has plenty of food as 15 year old teens seem to have hollow legs. I currently have two 15. Brownies seem to help keep them happy, too. My F(air)A(dcock)B(eard) family are on their last day in France. They have been there 10 days. We pick them up at about 10 PM Saturday night. Takes 2 suvs for all the 7 of them and their luggage. And it was still a tight fit going as DIL’s father and his luggage were in the mix, too. Enjoy your time with your grandson and your memories.


    • Oh brownies is a great idea!! I best freeze them as I am trying to lose weight and cannot be tempted…I just love food especially cheese and bread.


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