April 17 2020 ~video chats rescue ~ haibun

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Ah if only I could disconnect like my feline friends.  I hear one snore softly.  I felt pumped when I first woke up and seeing the sunny skies.  The sun was so warm, the bedroom temperatures went up I had to open the windows.  And then I watched the news…

bursts of energy
sun beams through my window
lifting spirits

dark clouds
menacing those light blue skies
hold uncertainty

riding the roller coaster
little engine doubts
I think I can, I know I can
because I have a plan

there is no shame
in reaching out
call out their name

so comforting
a face smiling back at me
YOU, inside my screen!

Feeling pumped again after a nice video chat with my son and daugther in law…yes, I definitely can get through these times.

© Tournesol ‘2020/04/17 Daily moments

A visit I had a few weeks ago from my son and daughter in law …can’t really have that anymore.  Police are patrolling regularly now.


2 thoughts on “April 17 2020 ~video chats rescue ~ haibun

  1. I have not seen distancing patrols at all. Most abide by the request but then there are those that have to need to rebel. Seems common sense is in short supply at times.


    • My son picked up a package at a hardware chain that deliver to your car only and the young man (teen really) was not careful, and my son said, Be careful I don’t want to take your pen to protect me but also you. He shrugs and says, I don’t care if I get it. I think to many it is a flu and they don’t realize how deadly it can be for some people. Tsk tsk, I thought, I hope he never visits his grandparents.


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