Day 42 rock, paper, scissors (haibun) Apr 24, 2020

So many people were out;  some looked content others look serious and walked with purpose.  A few only exposed their eyes.

It appeared chilly since many were still wearing wool tuques and scarves.  At least in our winters and spring here we can lift a scarf over our mouth and nose without it looking out of place…too much. She is debating whether she should  go out or not.    She looks from her balcony wringing her dry hands like an old scared woman.

Strangers on her street
Face masks, the new spring fashion
peeks from her window

trying to catch up
youngster pedals with a purpose
father in slow motion

sanitizers flow
exhaustion showers over her
toxins linger

(c)  Tournesol ‘2020/04/24  Daily Moments Day 42

3 thoughts on “Day 42 rock, paper, scissors (haibun) Apr 24, 2020

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  2. The invisible enemy has many folks spooked. Others, well, the science non believers still saying it is a hoax. I’ll stay in and only venture out to have groceries placed in the rear of my auto. We might drive over for an ice cream treat sometime next week. Take care!


    • Sounds like a well deserved treat as well. My son and daughter in law often go pick up a meal at their favourite restaurant. We feel restaurants should open up with half the people of course but so they can stay open. If our govt wants the kids back in primary school, why not half filled restaurants. Unfortuantely since our idiot premier who is starting to aggravate me, gave the ok to open primary schools, teenagers are reacting with, “Oh, yeah!? they can see their friends so will we then.” And they are getting together in parks and not respecting social distancing. In a neighbouring town that is…in my city, police keep tabs and my neighbours are respectuful. I took a nice long walk today and jacked up the volume of my R & B music and walked with a good stride for 45 mins. It felt so good. Music is so healing. Hugs to you and Gene. xx


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