cherry blossoms – haibun – Day 52

Dômage les gens ne peuvent pas se réunir pour photographier comme tous les ans, mais la ville de Toronto qui a placer des cameras pour nous tous est une belle alternative…

Sadly people are not able to gather and photograph as they have each year, but the city of Toronto has placed cameras for all to see as a beautiful alternative.

vrai goût du printemps
étancher d’une pure beauté
fleurs de cerisier

true taste of spring
quench of sheer beauty
cherry blossoms

(c) Tournesol ’20/05/04

Daily Moments May 4  2020  cherry blossoms (haibun)

7 thoughts on “cherry blossoms – haibun – Day 52”

  1. How cool for the city to do that. Our ‘leader’ would say he caused the blossoms to bloom. We should use him for toilet paper as he is such an asswipe. Just calling it as I see it.


    1. It is in Toronto but not in Montreal where I am now. It’s funny in the 13 yrs I lived in Toronto, I never knew about the cherry trees in that park and yet I went in that area so often. When THIS period is all over, I want to spend a week there when it is in blossom. I saw Stanley Park in Vancouver but TO is so much closer…about the same distance it is for me to get to NYC. I hope you are well and safe!! I have a few cousins in Manhattan, Brooklyn and one cousin safe in her family cottage in the Catskill. Be safe xx


  2. Thank you. We are blessed, nothing crazy has touched our family and we are thankful. I spoke to a new church friend on 4/12 and by 4/22 she was gone. That thing works fast. She wasn’t sick when I spoke to her. A crazy time. Stay safe.



    1. Ah yes, the reality starts really biting when we knoI people who have been attacked by this ugly enemy…it hit me a few weeks ago when a friend lost a niece (health care worker) and a brother in law. It IS fast and unrelenting.


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