Day 54 May 7/20 No Exits (troiku)

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(c) Clr ’20


where’ve they all gone
tumbling early in the morn
hollow echoes

where’ve they all gone
absent footsteps
abandoned stairwell

tumbling early in the morn
like clockwork
with purpose

hollow echoes
not so long ago
safely indoors

keeping satellites busy
friends and family reconnect

defend one and all
Mother Nature breathing life
Isolation saves

Image may contain: Cheryl-Lynn Tournesol, glasses and close-up

© Tournesol ‘20/05/07

Daily Moments – May 7 2020 No Exits Troiku

2 thoughts on “Day 54 May 7/20 No Exits (troiku)

  1. Indeed. As much as the quarantine was difficult to get used to, I think returning outside slowly but respecting social distance and wearing masks will be more difficult to adjust to. I am praying I can work daily and not just ocassionally from home since it makes no difference in the service…and many companies may have to adjust to this…on the pro side, people are safer, companies can rent smaller offices …maybe it can turn out to be a win win situation in many jobs.


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