Corona homes (senryu)

Framed walls
Mementos telling stories
home sweet home

Vintage table
Drop leaf holding laptop
Home office  transformed

Spare room
Filled with books
No room for guests

(C) Tournesol ‘20/05/23


mother’s presence
A place called home
Mid century dreams

(C) Tournesol ‘20/05/23

2 thoughts on “Corona homes (senryu)

  1. This is the tale of a daughter and her mom’s stuff. I so understand as there about as many things of our two mothers and even grandmothers as our own in our little space.


    • Yes, the hat on the vanity belonged to my grand mother and I do have other items. Makes a home “home” with the stories attached. Hope you are healing slowly…be well, Janice 🙂


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