Staying safe inside ~ troibun

Stats read 896 positive cases today! Families are cycling; couples are walking hand in hand; can’t see the smiles of solo walkers.

Sunny skies
Autumn breeze
summer’s hanging on

Sunny skies
Keep on taunting me
But I’m safe inside

Autumn breeze
Swaying branches
Wave at me

Summer’s hanging on
Knock knock knocking at my door
can’t catch me in here

© Tournesol ’20-09-27

9 thoughts on “Staying safe inside ~ troibun

  1. It is becoming so normal to just stay home. However, with the cooler weather, new tires and soft top it is time for a day trip tomorrow! We will take our masks, hand sanitizers and disinfectant and stay away from personal contacts. At least it is out of the apartment for a wee bit of fresh air.
    Stay safe and healthy, my friend.


    • I know the feeling…glad you are out for a drive…I saw your photo on fb and you look fabulous. I have an appointment Thursday and finally the rain will let up, so I will be walking at least 5 km or more…will bring along 2 masks in case one gets all yucky lol


  2. I know the feeling. This is such a strange time. We are coming out of our 2nd lockdown here in Victoria, Australia. I went down town to return my library books and then to a shop for errands. The mandatory mask wearing is slowing many of us down. People are shuffling about not making eye contact. I was so glad to get home!


    • Libraries are closed for a month now in here. I have to get out…been a month not gone to do any errands…I order everything. But I am getting cabin fever and the stress of the second wave feels worse than March. Thursday I have to walk 2 km to see my Notary so, that should force me to finally get out. Walking with a mask surely slows down a person but I will try to walk on less busy streets to not have to wear it except when going inside stores and buildings.

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      • Sounds like my life. The 2nd wave was worse here and the 2nd lockdown was much harder psychologically. Libraries are still closed but we can return books in the outside chute. To borrow you have to order online then organise when to pick up the books viasms or email. That sounds way to complicated for me. I had bad cabin fever too which is why I went out but I’m over that now and will groceries delivered this week. Its so stressful out. We are allowed out for exercise now so I’m finding quiet walks in nature where I can pull the mask down. The masks make walking so hard. Good luck with a 2k walk. This is such a strange time to be alive!


      • Amen! I feel for students and teachers since our govt refuses to close schools even for red alert spots I heard some parents saying teachers made an oath and to get over it and teach. Gosh! I think they are confusing the hypocritical oath lol but this pandemic has created some baffoons worldwide. Lol.

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