while the world waits ~ Troiku ~ Daily Moments ~ January 30 2021


while the world waits Troiku Daily Moments January 30 2021

scrambling for vaccines
not enough to share
while the world waits

scrambling for vaccines
generate new variants
politics and greed

not enough to share
countries forming cliques
survival or greed?

while the world waits
use your mask and wash your hands
and stay the feck home!

© tournesol ‘2021 – 01 – 30


2 thoughts on “while the world waits ~ Troiku ~ Daily Moments ~ January 30 2021

  1. It is a sad state of affairs with the vaccine. I almost feel our governor is playing politics with it. After the initial rollout, he decided to ‘redesign’ the distribution through hubs. Our names were on lists at two of our doctor’s offices. Now we have had to scramble to find additional locations to sign up for the shots. At our county’s hub we were in the 42,000 level on the list. Other locations do not even have an estimate of where we are on the list. And then the whole level of countries that do not have the resources of the US. I haven’t a clue how that will work. I do think teachers should be getting the vaccine before me. I have the option of staying home and staying safe.


    • Yeah Im not going to worry …I can work remotely pretty much the entire year since I have to travel by public transit to get to work. I have upper respirtoray problems but don’t see how the vaccine will help ME since the key is to stay away. I want my son(teacher) to get it though and my grandsons are too young except for the eldest is jsut on the line at 16. Even if I get sick I am not going to hospital..I am staying home. I may have to tell my kids to stay away …I wish my son would come one person at a time rather than his wife and baby…I am allowed to have one person anytime I want since I live alone and am over 65. I loved having a visit with my daughter alone…it spreads the joy, you know?


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