Miss you Mom

7 years passed
missing her each day
like it was just
miss her scent
rich and heavy
animated laughter
flirtatious smile
uttering  her sweet “darling”
with a British accent
7 years has passed
miss her like
it was yesterday
Love you Mom
now and forever
a timex love affair
keeps on ticking.

(c) tournesol 2021-12-02

2 thoughts on “Miss you Mom

  1. I also miss ” Ma tante Colombe” . Beautiful poem.. . I remember her cheerfulness and humor.. She also looks like her sister, my mom Patricia , who was also a ball of fun!
    Maman , je ne t’oublierai jamais! ! And sometimes out of nostalgia , I make your recipes, of tourtière or cretons so I could once again smell the aromas in her kitchen ..sending love cousin ❤️❤️


    • Thank you so much for your kind words , Louise. I make Grandmaman’s turkey dressing every Christmas and Thanksgiving remembering her kitchen and Moms scallop potatoes.

      I know it’s the last day today but Happy Hannaka. Sending you much love and virtual hugs. 💕


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