From the mouth of babes ~ Haibun

She hears stories from those who have lost a parent to Covid since 2020.   At that time we lost so many seniors here in Quebec…the most deaths in this country are in this province.  She hears people say, “Oh, it’s mostly folks in their 80’s” as if that makes it less painful to families who have lost their parent or grandparent and not have the privilege to be by their side.  Her heart bleeds when she hears this and she’s so grateful her parents passed before this pandemic.  She feels blessed to have been with both her parents when they died. So many families did not have that privilege. Some said goodbye on flat screens, others never did. And too many died alone or if they were lucky, alongside a compassionate health care worker.

Her worse fear was for her grand daughter, a Covid baby born in 2020, would not be strong enough to fight this virus.  Two weeks ago, Covid visited her daycare and she also tested positive.  Fortunately she weathered through this virus very well as did Papa and  Mama.  Her prayers were answered…her family is still safe.

The world is at crossroads. Families and friends are arguing.  Families are not visiting each other…adult children are pushed away from their parents…the vaxed versus the unvaxed.  It reminds her of hostile political times in the 1970’s here…the separatists vs the federalists. It feels the same way it is destroying relationships among friends and families. However, it is different because people are dying…on both sides…the vaxed and unvaxed are getting sick and the health care system is cracking. Over 20,000 health care workers are off sick or have resigned!

She fell on the ice the other day on her way to the bus to get her booster shot (3rd dose). It was icy and even though she had cleats on her boots, she still tripped over a big chunk of ice under the snow.  She could see herself falling and in that split second she told herself, “Oh, thank goodness there is a young woman a few feet away”  she was hoping she would help her up.  She had actually turned her head to see her fall, but just walked away.  She wept from disappointment …it hurt more than her bruised ribs.

She feels blessed that she can still work from home…counselling youths and young adults especially during these challenging times.  It is the first time since 9/11 she hears calls from youths worried about their future …just as we are all worried.  In fact it is the first time that she feels a solidarity among humans who are struggling…a worldwide shared compassion.

She limits her personal contacts to family and a few older friends who live alone like her so they can encourage each other and regardless of the content of the conversation, they always end it with something positive and sometimes funny.  Laughter is contagious and therapeutic.  The sound of a person’s laughter lingers in their memory and makes them smile.

Photos on her smart phone, videos of her grandchildren and video chats sustain her these passed two years.

A toddler smiles
A new treat with three layers
Unravels her treasure
Licking precious sweetness
Her first Oreo cookie

Daddy’s smartphone rings
Baby rushes eagerly
Nana’s visit!

Looking in her eyes
Filled with life and purpose
Hope fills Nana’s heart

© tournesol ‘2022/01/15

Inspired by Chèvrefeuille’s haiku – Restarting

a world in flames
reaching to regain freedom
a new day rises

© Chèvrefeuille ‘2022

7 thoughts on “From the mouth of babes ~ Haibun

  1. After a busy holiday season, gift selecting and wrapping, 2 trips to Dallas, a trip back to Missouri for a dear friend’s funeral, a bout of either flu or an upper respiratory infection, and then stomach flu back to back, I have been exhausted. The exhaustion is probably why I came down with all the bugs after Christmas. So glad your family members are all better. We still have one grandson, a great-nephew, his 2-year-old, and his pregnant wife all out with Covid. Hospitals full and staff in businesses are all battling the surge. Some still getting the Delta variant others the Omicron. My younger sister, her son and husband all had the Omicron. It was much easier on them than the Delta variant we had. Surely hope all this can come to an end at some point. And yes, sis, her family, grandson, great-nephew (a firefighter), and wife, a nurse, had their vaccines.


    • Wow!! you have been through so much!!! I am relieved to read you are on the mend. Whenever I hear the news about the US I worry so much about the few peeps I do know living in America. We just implemented a Vax Tax for the unvaccinated in our province. Oh boy! I would have preferred an tax credit for the vaccinated 😀 lol Big hugs to you and Gene. xx


  2. Laughter is a great tonic as you said. Good write. This attitude that it only affects people in their 80s so nothing to worry about is too reminiscent of the the Third Reich. The old and the frail are expendable it seems. A thriving economy comes first.


    • So true. Working on a youthline, I hear so many youths who make lots of sacrifices to keep their grandparents safe and THAT encourages me. My adult children and grandson as well. I personally feel the government has let us down…so many deaths could have been preventable in that first deadly wave… Hope you are well and thank you so for your visiting. I’ve been a stranger for 2 yrs on Chevrefeuille’s blog.


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