Hello Autumn (haibun)

It’s been 10 to 12 C the past few days and today, she could actually feel a shift in the air. Windows were open all day and her two felines slept on their  carpets by the open patio door. By late afternoon, she could feel a chill and she closed the windows except for her bedroom where she enjoys the cool air under her warm duvet.

silky soft
stretching along her chest
scent of autumn
Inhaling freshness with a sigh
remembering their runny nose

nose peaking
above down feathers
breathing in crispness

© Tournesol ‘2022-09-23

Daily Moments Sept 23/22


10 thoughts on “Hello Autumn (haibun)

  1. Hello my friend!
    I thoroughly enjoyed reading both your pieces, and was delighted to see the muse was upon you again!
    Hoping all is well with you.

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Thank you, Sue. I am well. Trying to get back in the writing but the grief was thinking of a friend who just lost her mom. How quickly we cycle “back” eh? We must chat sometime soon…we have lots of catching up to do. Message me/or text me so we can schedule a nice phone visit. Hugs, cl


    • Yes, well, I noticed that as well when I visited California in early November. What surprised me out there was how quickly the sun goes DOWN lol:) I am sure summer is different but I’ve never been to Texas or California in summer.

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      • Right now the word to describe Texas in summer is hot. Hot and dry this year for sure. Most of the state is in various stages of drought. 69 days of 100 + degree days.


      • For sure…I feel guilty for the environment but it is probably the ONLY thing I am indulging…I travel public transit, hardly use hydro for 6 months in winter as my condo stays warm even in our winters. The only thing sad about hot weather is we don’t go out as much. Well, I don’t…hate sweating in the bus lol


      • Yes. We keep the settings pretty high inside. The grid was so stressed this summer we were asked to not do laundry during peak use times. I was up during the night doing laundry.


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