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humility (senyru + cherita)


in naked humbleness
confesses her sins


(A Cherita)

making the sign of the cross

she leaves the confessional head down,
hands clasped together in prayer

kneeling before the Virgin Mary
giving thanks for  absolution of her sins
shivering at her nakedness, she prays


Inspired by chevrefeuillescarpediem-nakedness


searching in the desert (troiku)


The above music our host  at Carp Diem Haiku Kai, gave us made me see a Sufi like Rumi,  twirling in the desert.

roaming solo
in the desert

roaming solo
listening to the wind

in the desert
a million stars
displaying lyrics

twirls to the son in his heart
he finds himself



divine intervention (troibun)

Northern lights will never be the same, she thought, ever since she spoke to that  boy years ago. He was giving up on life filled with so much grief saying he wanted to join his ancestors who came every night in shimmering shapes and colours.

tinted shadows
communing with their heirs
every night

tinted shadows
everlasting radiance
from heaven

communing with their heirs
messages of love
embracing life

every night
animated skies return
divine presence


A troibun is really a haibun with a set of 4 haiku, called a Troiku created by Chevrefeuille

rich soup (troibun)

Related image

They lived in a modest house in the country. The young boy went out to the porch to get a cup of rice from a tall burlap bag. His mom was boiling onions in water with bones she got at the butcher.

rice floating
in beef bouillon
humble man’s soup
what lacks in chewy meat
enriched with a mother’s love

©Tournesol ‘17/10/08

scent of autumn (troibun)

© Cheryl-Lynn R. ’16

Autumn entails hard work for those who own homes especially with gardens. It is a time where leftover vegetables and dead leaves blend with garden soil…getting the land ready for a long slumber under snow covered grounds. Grownups are busy with garden tools and raking leaves in tall mounds.

midday break
resting on a nest of leaves
scent of autumn

midday break
crunch of Mackintosh
by the maple tree

resting on a nest of leaves
grandson helps her up
failing knees accept

scent of autumn
marigolds slip in
summer’s remains


Written for

under the Buck Moon (haibun)

Winding Road

Driving to their summer cottage in July along that long twisting road filled vacationers with such excitement and promise. A year older since last summer, the girls and boys have blossomed,  each with varied agenda…some fulfilling romantic dreams, others realizing hormonal packed fantasies…

winding road
summer’s burgeoning fruits
ripen in time

plucked under a full moon
succulent sighs trickle

their last kiss lingers
haunting the winding road home
September adieus


Written for Carpe Diem Haiku Kai’s prompt “winding road’.

Inspired by Kim’s haiku:

magic woolen yarn
leading us back to winter
the winding road home
©Kim M. Russell’17

historical romance novel (troiku)

The Pleasure of Reading

in an old wing-chair
shadows dancing on the page
candles flicker

in an old wing-chair
sounds of firecrackers

shadows dancing on my page
lost in time
ancient love story

candles flicker
after the storm – silence,
the old hound farts


pleasure of reading (troiku)

The Pleasure of Reading

lightning in the sky
wrapped in darkness

lightning in the sky
like the first of July
nature’s fireworks

lights out

wrapped in darkness
candles shedding light
I turn a page


river roars (troiku)

© Clr’16 Rivière Richelieu, Chambly, Qc.

on the river
lights float to the horizon
the dead rejoice © Basho

on the river
rapids roar
listen to their tales

lights float to the horizon
a hundred white sales
a cortege

the dead rejoice
even the children celebrate
All Hollows’ Eve


CDHK – Meditation on the river